Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Baby!

Lookie here! Our second baby's very first picture! Baby#2 looks as if he/she's waving! Can you see?

Heartbeat - ok!
Length - ok!
Everything - ok!

That's all I needed to hear from the doctor, really. :-)

2 insights:

Ozzy's Mom said...

owww so cute!!!! how many weeks is that? looks like baby#2 is around 10 weeks? tama ba?

Vina P said...

hi vannie! based on length daw the baby is 9wks, 6 days. pero the original calculation is only at 9wks, 2 days.

so from 09-09-09 na due date baka mas correct to say na 09-05-09 na ang due date. do i make sense? haha. magkalapit lang tayo ng due date. :-)

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