Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blogging Again

I have been itching to blog again for the past days but family and work have taken priority over this favorite hobby of mine. Anyway, I'm just taking a quick break (to blog a little) before tackling again the mountains of work waiting for me to conquer. I could just hear this blog crying for updates. It's also waiting forever for my definitive decision whether to get that web hosting services for it so that it could finally be a domain on itself. Honestly, I'm really so inclined to finally make this site a web-hosted site. Not only will it be an "authentic" blog but also with the services that I can get, I think I'll be a able to do so much more as far as design and theme are concerned. What do you think?

Anyway, how was your weekend everybody? Ours was quite uneventful. On Saturday morning, we just had a quick trip to the grocery to replenish our stocks (Holy Week is fast approaching and we may not have time to do the grocery anymore). Then at noon time, we all went to EDSA Shrine for mass. We then went around Galleria for a while (Mommy did a little shopping!) and then went home. Sunday was just spent at home: resting, playing and just being together.

It's really the simple joys of the family that make me so happy. I can't want for us to be a family of four soon! And I can't wait to blog about it too! :-)

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