Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Day

Having briefed Zoe the day before that she was going to school the next morning, she woke up early shouting "School! School!".

As usual on a Saturday morning, I dressed her up immediately so we can go to mass first, that is, before heading for "school".

It's great that for a toddler like her, you can already explain the things to her so that she knows what's happening and she knows what to expect.

So after mass, we had a quick breakfast and then dressed up again to go to school.

Here's a picture of her before we left the house:

Excited student with proud mommy:

Of course, she also got to have a picture with Dad:

A new bag for her to make her all the more excited!

We arrived at the Regalia Tower right on time. The trial class really went well and I'm so happy that Zoe enjoyed every minute of it. She was bidding everyone goodbye after the class~ "Bye-bye teacher! Bye-bye school!"

She couldn't stop staring at her star stamps as we rode the car again:

We headed to Gateway in Araneta Center for early lunch after. But first, dede muna.

Loving it!

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