Monday, May 4, 2009

First Day High

Last May 2 was Zoe's very first day in summer school in Kindermusik c/o Teacher Jeannie and Company. We woke up early since the classes start at 9:30. However, we still got caught in traffic so we arrived in the school about 10 minutes late. Haha. Late or not, it was obvious that Zoe enjoyed every single minute of it.

Here's her picture as we left the house.

This is her during their snacktime. She was saying - "Daddy, sarap!"

I also caught a picture of her right in the middle of the big balloon... baby's now a big girl...

Looking forward to school next time! Too bad, she'll miss agad her class next week because of the wedding we're attending where she'll be a flower girl. Sayang! Anyway...I hope she can just attend a make-up class.

2 insights:

Ozzy's Mom said...

woah, she's ready to be an ate na :) how many hrs ang classes nya vin?

by the way for you:

Vina P said...

hi vannie! the classes are only for an hour. bitin nga but it's worth it. :-)

thanks for the tag!

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