Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our neighbor...

Hubby was telling me that he saw our rich neighbor pull out from somewhere in an area near his office yesterday. He was wondering where this man had come from. Anyway, the looks of this man doesn't exactly spell R-I-C-H. He is very low-profile that it doesn't seem as if he owns more than a couple of residential apartments within our village. And mind you, his apartments are well-maintained and carefully designed. I think all he needs is the help of a company like Real Property Management to grow his business. And you know what? He and his family also own a big trucking business. An engineer-turned business man, he spends his days wearing just sando and shorts. We often find him with grease all over in his arms and legs and drives around using an old jeep. Obviously, he is very hardworking and very hands-on. I'm really hats off to him. He is a big millionaire in reality but with a very big heart.

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