Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Being with the Kids

A recent article at Mercatornet entitled ‘Mum, Dad, where are you? I need to talk’ by Carolyn Moynihan says that a survey of almost 10,000 students at 96 secondary schools in New Zealand shows that more than half of them want to spend more time with their parents.

Some 54 per cent “sometimes” or “hardly ever” get enough time with their mothers and 61 per cent sometimes or hardly ever get enough time with their dads. This is “big stuff”, says Auckland University researcher Simon Denny. “Having a close relationship with a parent is one of the most important predictors of good health and wellbeing for young people.”

I totally agree that each parent should find time to be with their children. That is why we always make sure even if my husband and I have to work on weekdays, we still try to spend time to be in touch with our daughter. It's just a pity that sometimes work restricts us from going home as early as we wanted. As a parent, I really hope we can do something about it...and I'm not going to stop to pray for this intention.

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