Monday, June 29, 2009

My baby baby boy...

We got Zoe her very own bed yesterday. Actually, it's a hand-me-down from her youngest cousin on my hubby's side (who's already a teenager now). It's a wooden bed with a railing on the side to protect the child from falling off. It's nice and, best of all, it's practically free!

My husband picked up the bed from his parent's house yesterday. We pulled it up into our room in the attic, dressed it up with a nice thick foam and decorated its headboard with Zoe's many stuff toys. Zoe was ecstatic about the bed. She called it "her bed" and immediately pretended to sleep, saying "good night" to us even if it was just four in the afternoon.

True enough, it was now "her bed" and she actually slept very soundly on it last night...

Being Zoe's first time to sleep on her own (at least not in her usual crib), the mommy in me couldn't help but feel a bit sentimental. She really looks and acts like a big girl now and there's no stopping her growing up. I couldn't help but feel a tear drop as I watched her sleep last night. It was a bitter-sweet feeling. I'm anxious because it feels like only yesterday that she was just a small baby. But I also feel happy because she's becoming more independent now and almost ready to be a big sister!

In my mind (and my husband's), having this new bed is just having like an informal turn-over ceremony for the kids. Zoe - getting her own bed and soon-to-born baby boy getting his Ate Zoe's crib. Sooner or later, I'll also have to sort Zoe's baby clothes and stuff to see what we can salvage for the baby boy's use.

Oh! The fun is definitely just getting started... :-)

2 insights:

Rossel said...

I had the same feeling when our daughter slept in her own bed.

jan celiz-magtoto said...

i guess this goes to show how stable wooden beds are! may tibay na maaasahan!

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