Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nap Mat and Other Baby Stuff - I Want!

I have been preparing my hospital bag to be brought when I deliver next month. Honestly, I feel so lazy to pack just yet. What I've prepared are mostly what the baby would need on his first three to four days. I already got a set of newborn onesies with matching mittens and cap, several white tie-side shirts and shorts, a couple of receiving blankets, a burp pad, some towels, alcohol, massage oil, and some cute booties. I'm also thinking that maybe I would need a nap mat in case we decide to let Zoe go the hospital on the day we bring the baby home (anyone who want to buy this for me?). I'm sure she will still need to take her regular nap while we process the bills and the bringing home of the baby. Something like this picture below would be perfect for Zoe. It's so comfy and classy, don't you think?

Anyway, as for myself, I have neither towel wrap or laundry bag just yet. I still need to pack my clothes and toiletries bag. The robe and preggy binder which I used when I gave birth to Zoe before are probably somewhere in the cabinet in my old room, among the other clothes that don't fit anymore. I would also need to buy myself a new set of pajamas with a front opening. I'm sure I would need it since I plan and hope to breastfeed as soon as I can. And let me not forget to buy a pair of comfy slippers too. Oh, all these thoughts about packing is making me panicky! Only over a month to go before the big day!

2 insights:

Rossel said...

this is perfect for your baby!

Beibi said...

Hello Vina!

Good luck, one month na lang big sister na si little Zoe mo..

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