Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sample Birth Announcements

With only a few weeks to go before baby number 2 comes along, I've started to look for birth announcement sample designs over the net which I can easily "copy" with the help of Photoshop.

Here are some of the cute stuff I saw:

So cute, right? I'm actually reviewing the shortcuts in Photoshop now so I can immediately give a go on a prepared design and be able to broadcast my baby's coming as soon as I am able enough after I give birth.

3 insights:

Chris said...

so exciting vina! :)

Dee said...

Hi, first time here. I'm also beginning to learn Photoshop. I hope it'll not be that hard... :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi vina,

lapit na pala D-Day, praying for your safe delivery :)


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