Friday, August 7, 2009

An Ode to Kikay

Kikay, a Maltese and Japanese Spitz combi and our pet dog since 2004, suddenly passed away today. Actually, she is Francis' pet. And since Francis was suddenly sent back to the province to continue his studies there a few weeks ago, it may be that his dog felt the emptiness with his amo's sudden departure and died.

Overall, Kikay was an amazing pet. She would bark to protect us (and protect us she did many times!). She was loyal, fun and beautiful. She always put a smile on our faces as she would pounce around us when we arrive from work.

Memories of Francis a.k.a Kiko (circa 2005) with his dog Kikay:

We will all miss you Kikay (most especially for Kiko). We love you!

Rest in peace, Kikay. You will always be remembered.

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