Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still Here...

...and still preggy.

Sorry to have been sort of neglecting this little space of mine in the net. I've been so busy with so many things: getting ready to go on leave (turn-overs are so much pressure), preparing the house and the baby stuff, and most importantly, getting ready to give birth.

This pregnancy has had its many twists and turns and I don't think it will end until THE DAY. Just went to the doc yesterday (I'm now at full-term at 37 weeks) but my cervix is as it is: VERY CLOSED (sigh). Plus, my amniotic fluid is becoming less and less just like my first pregnancy. And so, we continue to pray for a safe delivery (however it will be) and a healthy and happy baby. Pls. pray with us!!!!


2 insights:

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi vina,

near ka na pala ... few days to go and i'm sure you're ready to pop! ako, im at my 27th week now ... 12 weeks to go! :)

anyway, have sa safe delivery! :)

Beibi said...

maybe by now you have a new baby na... congrats... just dropped to say hello..

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