Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi everyone!

Luigi is now more than 2 weeks old and we're both adjusting well so far. His cheeks are getting chubby now and his body is already getting filled up with some fat. I'm proud to be a breastfeeding mom (for the very first time) and happy that the baby is benefittng a lot from it.

I wish I could show you more pics but I've got no time for that just now. Life is quite a blur these days, ya know. However, it still feels good even as we practically just let the days pass spent mainly taking care of the baby boy and the "super makulit" Ate.

I'll be back with more kwento! Stay dry and safe amidst the stormy weather.

P.S. Naku, please pray that the rains would stop na so that the flood wouldn't rise and reach the inside of our car which is parked in the garage!!! Whaaaa!!!!

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