Wednesday, October 7, 2009

After the Storm

Hi guys! I'm back from the dead. Hahaha.

Maybe some of you are already wondering whether we're okay or not since it been well reported in the news that our area has been one of the hardest hit by the storm Ondoy. Well, it's true. Actually, our village is no longer a stranger to flash floods when rains comes. However, this last time was different. I've never seen anything like it - no flood as high as this one. Thank God for parents who constructed a house that is "ridiculously elevated" that we only experienced ankle-deep flood inside the main level of the house. But you see, to put things in perspective, the ankle-deep flood inside our house already translates to about 8 feet-deep water outside which means that a normal person would have to swim through the muddy and dirty water already if he has to evacuate to a safer place.

Anyway, with the four days of flood, what suffered the most damage is our car which was left in the garage and which was fully submerged in the floodwater for days. Since nobody expected the water to rise that high, we had no choice but to surrender and just leave the car (and everything inside it) as it is. Losing the car is way better than losing a whole house, right? Besides, our family and our next-door neighbors who stayed with us are all safe. With that in mind, I think we are still very blessed. At any rate, we can always look at used cars if we save enough money to buy another car in the future. Meantime, my husband is uber-busy dismantling the car now and drying it up properly. Hopefully, in time, the car will work again.

P.S. I'll post some pics in my next entry!

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Mich said...

wow thank God you guys were fine during typhoon Ondoy! may baby ka pa naman!

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