Sobrang Busy

Hi! Just wanted to drop a line or two here because I've been missing blogging. I've been so busy kasi with family life that I almost never get to do other things, much less go online.

Anyway, this week was so packed. After Ondoy, I literally had 'binat' and was feverish for days. My husband had to rush me to Cardinal Santos one time because my fever just keeps coming back. Anyway, they put me on a round of antibiotics to clear the infection that I seemed to have. And then, amidst this, we still decided to push through with Luigi's baptism last October 10 (with the reception held at home). It was a small and intimate party, both intentionally and unintentionally. Meaning, we only invited half of the number we invited compared to Zoe's baptism but then maybe because of the lack of time to invite and the hangover from Ondoy, only half of the invited were able to come. Anyway, at least nakaraos na. Then come Monday, I had to go to my scheduled annual retreat. It was my fist time to really be out of the house that long (I'm so not used to it anymore). I had to pump milk in-between the activities, hahaha. Sure, it was sort of distracting since I really ought to be continually praying. But who says you can't pray while expressing milk? It's weird but actually doable. :-)

So now, I'm back at home. I just love being with the kiddies and my sweetheart that I think I can stay like this forever...


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