Tuesday, February 2, 2010

M & C's Wedding

We had just attended the wedding of my good friend C last Saturday. It was a very simple but nice wedding. We helped C out during the preparations since she only just came back from London, where she is currently based.

The ceremony was held in a nearby church, just around 10 minutes away from our house. It was a small church. The priest who ministered to them was a new and young priest so the wedding was not so tensed. They had no big entourage. It was only the parents and C's sister (and her boyfriend) who stood as the entourage.

The small reception was held at the adjoined function rooms of Conti's in Greenbelt, Makati. Anyway, apart from a small glitch with the room arrangements, the dinner was good and tasty. I love the fact that as soon as you go out of the restaurant, it was like "back to reality" again for us and for the newly-weds. This is because nobody was really that made-up or dolled up. It was just the couple, their families and some close friends. It was just like we got invited to a special dinner get-together with good friends. There was no need to be extra cautious of what to say or how to act, compared when you have to attend a formal event or something. It felt natural and I think that's a good thing.

Anyway, as part of our wedding gift, we bought the souvenirs for the guests. This was a last minute thing since C had insisted that we skip this detail. But for me kasi, a wedding is not a wedding without giveaways! Haha! So my husband and I made a quick stop at a certain mall and was able to score lovely bracelets.

So where will they have their honeymoon, you might ask. Maybe they are planning to go a trip somewhere in Europe when they both fly to London . They can go to Germany or Italy or whatever. I heard that they can try Golf Platzreife. I'll tell them to visit this helpful website http://www.golfakademie.com/ and maybe they can carry on their honeymoon swimming, playing golf or shopping at the Golfshop.

Will post pictures in my other blog.

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