Friday, February 5, 2010

Relatives from Abroad

My uncle and aunt were on their way out when I asked them for a quick pose together with the kids. They were going home to the province that day while we, on the other hand, had to accompany Zoe to school that afternoon (look at Zoe holding her boat) and also go find some car accessories to replace the ones which got destroyed during the flood.

Anyway, this is my Tita Tita holding Luigi and my Tito Jerry sitting beside Zoe. Smile!!!

A closer look at Luigi and Auntie Tita...(oh boy, what a big head you've got Luigi!)

A solo picture of Zoe with her Kindermusik project:

Anyway, I took the afternoon off the other day in order to accompany them to go to Greenhills to check out the bargains. We were all so eager to go and get the best buys available there. I even took the taxi from the office just to get home as early as I could. However, we all got there only to find out that the tiangge shops were closed that day and will only resume on Friday. Tough luck! And so, we might just try to go back there tomorrow and see how it is. I really want to avoid the crowds because it's no joke for my uncle and aunt to be walking around for hours given their age and health condition.

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