Monday, March 29, 2010

Luigi's first time to eat solids

...what a very decriptive title. LOL.

After delaying doing this for 2 weeks (he got sick with stomach flu on his 6th month birthday like the rest of the family), we finally got a go signal to start with solids last week (March 21).

I know that the common trend now is to go organic and natural. I have been doing that now too. However, for this first time, we just gave him the ever-trusted Cerelac.

He liked it a lot.

During this big event for baby, we also had to manage a minor issue with the big sis. She cried and cried while we fed the baby and didn't want Luigi to eat because she said "he had no teeth yet". :-)

Anyway, I think Luigi was born with a big appetite. He was a natural. He giggled and kicked his legs (as if with joy) after his first taste of solid food.

Now, I have already given him squash, avocado and mashed boiled potatoes. Yum-yum!

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