Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back to Regular Pro-blogging

Is it just my appetite or is my photography really improving? I gaze into this bowl of strawberry ice cream from Mandarin Paseo Uno and my heart (and stomach) just screams ICE CREAM!

Actually, I almost had given up blogging (notice how seldom I post anything now). I'm starting on a new job tomorrow (wish me luck!) and I'm setting myself some high goals which I think may cut the time for extra curricular activities such as blogging. But then again, I love blogging so much that I even changed industries for my career from banking to IT! Haha!

Seriously, when I come across a nice item (like this ice cream picture) which I'd like to talk about or just a simple thought I want to share, I still couldn't stop myself from taking up blogging again. Still, my fingers yearn to blog! And just when I thought that I have really given up on the web hosting services I've gotten this year, I come across some piece of web hosting news and I suddenly I go back to blogging and publishing again.

Now tell me, is this ice cream yummy or what?

Tons of late posts to follow!

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