First Day of School Ever

Zoe had her very first day of regular school this week. She’s three years old and is enrolled as Senior Nursery. Funny, I kept telling myself: one day down, 16 years to go! Hahaha. That's how I really felt. My daughter's no longer a baby ~ she now officially a student and will be in that status for so many years more. And you know what? On that very first day, even while in the car, she kept telling me "bye Mommy!" as if she wanted me to scram, go home, go away, I'm-on-my-own-now, that kind of thing and as I reaction, the more I hugged her and didn't want to let her go. But oh she did very well. She never even looked back as I left her room. Oh, the adventures of being a mother. Truthfully, I couldn't stop being sentimental.

Anyway, would you believe that on her very first day and for the rest of the week, she already had to do homework?! Bah! She has books on Math, Reading and Science and the teacher gives them around 1-2 pages of homework each day. Bah (again)!

Well, of course, at this age, their assignment is still quite easy. Actually, it can even be so much fun! But by the time she’s in immediate level, assignments could feel excruciating! She might even be needing professional Math help, who knows? And I suppose that by that time there will be Algebra problems that will sooner later crop up in their Math problems. Of course, I can still give her some Algebra help, if that’s the case. However, life will be much easier with the Free Algebra help available online especailly if the problems become more complicated for my mind. And don’t forget about the fractions! Personally, this is my weakness (since I think it’s so much easier to just tap on the computer or calculator to do the problems for you.) Anyway, I guess I can still rely on homework help online and no one will notice that I asked a professional’s help to do my daughter’s homework for me. Haha! That is, unless we later on discover that Zoe is a genius and wouldn’t have to ask for any help from me at all.

Oh the adventure begins!


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