Friday, June 11, 2010

Translation Services

I still remember when I went to France a long time ago. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I love the food they served us and the romantic places we went to. I also kept those lovely little trinkets which I bought as souvenirs. I also still have those little key chains and statues that I got from a religious store in Lourdes and they have been memorable keepsakes of my trip there once upon a time.

The only thing I wish I had known about during that time were the available translation services that would be extremely helpful in my trip there. There is also an available service de traduction now that could have helped me in touring along the different places in France.

Anyway, there might still be a chance to go back, who knows? And I really hope to go back there again. You see, that time, I was only there for about three days. That's so short a time to really tour the country. But one thing I do know. If I had stayed a bit longer, I may have to get professional translation services already for I couldn’t talk French at least one tiny bit. LOL.

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