Monday, October 4, 2010

Afraid of Geometry? Not Me!

My teenage "brother" approached me last Sunday night to ask help for his Math homework. He is now (again) in his 3rd year in high school and as you know, juniors take up Geometry. Maybe F forgot that I took Geometry about 20 years ago because he looked so sure that I could help him answer his assignment in a split of a second. Hahaha. Yeah right.

Anyway, his homework was about triangles, particularly on SSS congruency. The problem was to prove that the triangles drawn on his notebook were congruent. It was easy enough! Why? It's because I had a secret Math problem solver by my side. You see, for free math help, you can just click on a button and your answer pops on the screen instantly. Now Math homework help is right on your finger tips. It's easy as one-two-three.

...and because of this, doing F's homework has never been easier.

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