Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Today

Thank God (or should I say Allah?) for holidays. Today is a holiday for Muslims and everybody’s happy because there’s no work. Yahoo! For someone like me who has been going home from work early in the morning for several weeks already, this holiday is a welcome surprise. Never mind if tomorrow is back to the “asylum” . At least, I got to sleep and rest a little to recover from all the stress that I’ve been going through in the office.

I’m actually just trying to make good use of time now at the computer before leaving with my hubby today for a quick merienda date. Busy couples like us need that important pocket of time to be together, to talk and just update ourselves with the things. I want to check out this newly-opened restaurant in Katipunan and try out their specialties. Afterwards, I’m planning on tagging him along to a place where we can check out some ceiling fans. You see I have an idea to put a ceiling fan at the attic. We’ve already pulled up our old sofa into that area and it’s going to be like an mini-living room soon. In this regard, I really want to find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here! Our existing ceiling fans are similar to Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans and I’d like to get those soon. Now good luck to our shopping adventure date today!

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