Monday, December 20, 2010

Teacher Zoe

For her school's Community of Helpers Day, we dressed up Zoe into a person with a profession that's close to my family's heart. Taking after her Lolo, Lola and my sister, we decided that the most apt job for Zoe was to be a teacher like them!

Clad in a brown dress bought from the mall, with matching eyeglasses and white board, Zoe was all set to be a teacher for a day.

Serious Teacher Zoe...

Wacky Teacher Zoe!!!

When she got to the school, everyone was dressed up in their favorite community helper outfit. Many were bakers and doctors. One was a soldier and a couple were nurses.

But Zoe was a teacher and was mightly proud about it!

I heard from the yaya that the kids had so much fun acting out the part. One baker even brought cupcakes to feed everybody in class! :-)

Anyway, when Teacher Zoe got home, they realized that there was one more person who also wants to become a teacher...

See Teacher Luigi! :-)

Pwede! :-)

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