Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year That Was...

We already left 2010 and crossed over to a new year 2011.

I really wanted to do a comprehensive summary of the things that happened in 2010 but somehow, that would entail some quiet moment to remember and recollect the events that transpired in the year.

Now if you would allow me (of course, you have no choice, hehe), let me just recall a few memorable things that were eventful this year. We all had a very good year in general but here are some of the worthwhile things mentioning.


1. She started going to regular school this year and it helped her learn new things and skills more than ten times over compared to last year.
2. She, has more than ever, really manifested this year her love for singing. Now if only I could help her improve on her EQ so she can also have the patience to learn to play an instrument this 2011.
3. She has discovered the amazing things that can be done with the laptop and the cellphone and insists we buy her a touch-screen phone. Hahaha.
4. She has declared that's she's getting married, not once but twice. First she said that she will marry Bibin, her classmate, on one Friday (and that we were not invited). Lately, she keeps announcing that instead of Bibin, she will be marrying Zoe-boy, her other classmate, when they go back to school (not funny, sweetheart).


1. Luigi has been growing to be a cute lil guy. He has grown most of his teeth too.
2. Luigi’s first word: DAD. I’m not surprised.
3. He learned to walk on his own a few days after his 1st birthday. He learned to walk much earlier compared to Zoe and I’m a worrisome mom, fretting like crazy every time he tries to run around the house.
4. His appetite is enormous! He loves to eat anything and everything! That's super good news, if you ask me.


1. Dad’s job has been smooth-sailing. Over and again, he has proven his determination to be successful in whatever field God has placed him in. He’s been given good work shifts and has been topping his performance and I’m mighty proud.
2. Dad also quit smoking (cold-turkey) this year. Woot-woot!
3. We replaced our Ondoy car around midyear and so far, the new one is doing pretty well and Dad is lovin’ it.
4. Dad has been so patient too with taking care of the kids when I’m not around. He’s the best dad around.


1. I made a big leap in my career this 2010. Whether or not it was a good decision or not, all I can say is: Omnia in Bonum.
2. I received my retirement benefit this year and I’m earnestly trying to keep it in my bank account. (smile)
3. I’m sadly at my heaviest this year and I really need to lose those extra pounds…promise!
4. My new year’s resolution: eat right, get enough sleep and pray like there’s no tomorrow.

Now, I’m leaving you all to celebrate this new year. On some parts of the world, it’s still the dawn of another decade in the new millennium. Hope you get your heart’s desires and more. And as a good priest said, “Dream and your dreams will fall short”.

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