Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scrubs for Me?

I'm officially a stay-at-home-mom for 11 straight days. I had just left my job and incidentally, our nanny also went on vacation.

At any rate, so far, so good. I'm admittedly learning a lot when it comes to taking care of my kids. I feel like a mommy doctor (sans the cheap medical scrubs) since I feel my kids becoming more clingy each day as if asking for more attention even if they are not sick. At other times, I'm like a nurse and a 24-hours on-duty nurse, at that. Some of the things that I need to do which are simple but I find quite challenging: giving my kids a bath, making them take their daily vitamins, feeding them, carrying them, etc. Sometimes, I think that cheap nursing scrubs would be the best thing to wear in times like these. My house clothes are all soiled from sweat and stains from following my kids around. The nurses wearing those cherokee nursing uniforms must have a fresher feeling compared to me because those uniforms are 100% cotton.

Anyway, speaking of scrubs, this reminds me to look up on how to order these online. My good friend in the US is looking for some great designs to use for work. She recently got accepted in a hospital near their home so she's getting ready. Well, good luck to her!

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