Pictures Delight!

I must admit that I have not had enough time right now to give attention to this blog. There should have been so much to blog about but so far, time has not been on my side. My birthday and the birthdays of my loved-ones had passed and I’ve not even blogged about any of it. It’s because up to now, my daily schedule still seems super erratic since it’s been more than a month since the nanny has taken a vacation. She was supposed to come back today but with the strong typhoon coming our way tomorrow, I am not so sure it they would be allowed to continue with their trip via ship.

Anyway, I just want to add a little thing in this blog to make it more interesting. And what could be more interesting (and simple to add) than pictures! I’ve recently discovered and used a photo effect online and it’s so cool! You can also use their online photo frames to add a zing to your rather-boring pictures.

Here are some of my kids’ pictures which I’ve played around with using photo frame templates. Click on the links to have a little fun! See you all back soon! Adios!

Cute Dog holding Luigi's picture:

Toy Story-theme:

Zoe wants a black car...

...she also wants her Dad's iPod!


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