Monday, May 14, 2012

My Birthday 2012

This year marks the second time I celebrated my birthday in __. I was expecting that my birthday will just pass silently just like last year. However, my officemates surprised me with a song and a very beautiful bouquet of flowers.

When I heard some singing in the background, I was even surprised that they were singing for me. My birthday wouldn't be in 2 days (it was a Friday) and I wasn't feeling the "birthday feeling" yet. Hahaha!

Great shot of my Hub friends and myself:

TR Girls:

A closer shot of the flowers:

Anyway, on my birthday itself, we had a small get-together with my Dad, Ninang, my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and some friends and pamangkins.

Here's my birthday cake:

Some of the handa:

Sorry, I can't seem to rotate my pictures with the new blogger system. Sigh.

Family picture:

This one with my Tatay:

When we prayed the blessing before meals, Zoe started crying! I think she was expecting to sing the Happy Birthday Song agad-agad and was too excited to blow the candle herself...thus, the tantrum. Unable to pacify her, Luigi and I carried on with the blowing of the birthday candle. :-)

Picture with my Nanay Asyang and friends Carla and Joy:

Had a blast! Thank you Lord for another year. :-)

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