Friday, June 29, 2012

Stuff Girls Love

"Stuff Girls Love" - that's the tagline of Lisa Frank.

For those who have a bit of generation gap: :-)

About Lisa Frank - Based in Tucson, Arizona, Lisa Frank, Inc. is named for its founder, Lisa Frank, an American pop artist and designer who pioneered an unmistakable aesthetic loved by generations. The distinctive brand celebrates and understands girls and features high quality products in bright, vibrant colors. Today's core products include stationery, craft, seasonal and cosmetic items. Built on a mission to enable young girls to believe in themselves, express individuality through creativity and have fun, Lisa Frank has an extensive fan club base, now boasting over 10,000 Facebook fans. More is available at

In our case, Lisa Frank means fun stickers! Thanks to Ninang Net and Tita Josie for giving Zoe the stickers last April.

Now Zoe wants to be an artist! :-)

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