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Our Weekly Date

It was again Italian night for our couple date this week. I was kinda craving for sweet and sour meatballs so we headed to the Ortigas area to look for possibilities. After surveying different eating places, we ended up at our favorite A Venetto Ristorante. However, this time, we tried out something different. Meatball's the next best thing to my sweet-and-sour meatball craving. It's a great choice, actually, since the whole bowl of spaghetti was practically wiped out by the two of us. Their version of All-meat Pizza. Two thumbs up from me!! I'm definitely going to order these two again, and again, and again.... :-)

House Hunting

If you are currently house-hunting in the area of Austin, Texas, then I highly recommend that you find time to consult some reliable Austin Realtors to help you find the best deals. You see, when it comes to buying a huge property such as land or a residential property, you simply can't make any mistake. Any huge investment needs that you also be extra cautious and careful because money definitely does not grow on trees especially during these times when people are experiencing a global crunch with regard to the economy. Now, maybe you ask: what do you look for in a real estate agent? Of course, you need your realtor to be trustworthy, highly-knowledgeable and respected in the business. The real estate business, we all know, is somewhat complicated and that you need someone to guide you through the ins and outs of the business. Before you close any real estate deal, one needs to read all the 'fine print' (as they say) and the major guidelines regarding the mortgage condit

Fresh from Iloilo

We all got up pretty early last Sunday to pick up my sister who was flying to Manila from Iloilo. She's gonna be here for three weeks and we really want to make the most of the time together. After picking her up in the airport, we all went to Sunday mass in Greenbelt Chapel and then headed to our favorite restaurant Conti's for early lunch. Just sharing some pictures: After lunch and some window shopping, we were on the road again to Batangas to make 'hatid' my sister who will be sleeping overnight with our Tatay and Ninang. The next day, Ate will be brought to Tagaytay for her seminar. We all hope to visit her there soon, hopefully, with our balikbayan relatives from Germany and from the States.

Thank You

Thank you so much my online friend Dez for sending me this Blogger Trophy! I am much honored! :-) God bless you always!

Red Toes

On the afternoon of Easter Sunday, I treated myself to a pedicure c/o my regular manicurista. Zoe also decided to have a 'pedicure' of her own c/o Yaya Cat. Here is how Zoe's toes looked like after: And here are my own toes: Can you see? Of all the things that my baby girl will get from me, Zoe unluckily inherited the shape and look of my (big and fat) feet and (rounded ugly) toes. And now that we both have red nail color, the similarity becomes even more obvious. You want proof? Here's a picture with our feet together: Like mother, like daughter. Hahahaha!!!

Separation Anxiety

Do you also experience this with your kids? We spent the whole vacation time - all four days of it - with Zoe. I really think she loved every minute that we were together. We went to church, to the market, to the 24-hour store nearby --- always with her in tow. Thus, I was not surprised that she cried the moment we left the house without her. Actually, she did not just cry. She went shouting "Sama, Zoe!", stamping her feet, wailing and extending her arms towards me. It really, really tugged my heart.

Open Happiness

For a Coke fan like me, watching something like this makes me feel "moved" (and giddy!), hahaha:

Summer is Here

Summer in the Philippines is officially here. And being a pregnant woman, it's been like hell crazy since I feel so hot all the time. Just like today, I came back from mass with my husband and Zoe. I still felt so hot inside the church even if there were huge electric fans blasting all around. I'm not even sure if it's just me or it's really just the weather...or both! I heard that in some areas such as in homes in Scottsdale not to mention in those properties in Arizona , the weather is pretty much hotter. Thus, I'm just narrating, not complaining. Anyway, I'm just so happy that my husband was so kind enough to buy some yummy ice cream (the 4 flavors in 1 type). I simply enjoyed every bit of it! It had pandan , melon, corn and ube flavors. Surprisingly, I loved the corn flavor the most. Hmmm, I think I'll have another serving. So bye for now!!!