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My baby baby boy...

We got Zoe her very own bed yesterday. Actually, it's a hand-me-down from her youngest cousin on my hubby's side (who's already a teenager now). It's a wooden bed with a railing on the side to protect the child from falling off. It's nice and, best of all, it's practically free! My husband picked up the bed from his parent's house yesterday. We pulled it up into our room in the attic, dressed it up with a nice thick foam and decorated its headboard with Zoe's many stuff toys. Zoe was ecstatic about the bed. She called it "her bed" and immediately pretended to sleep, saying "good night" to us even if it was just four in the afternoon. True enough, it was now "her bed" and she actually slept very soundly on it last night... Being Zoe's first time to sleep on her own (at least not in her usual crib), the mommy in me couldn't help but feel a bit sentimental. She really looks and acts like a big girl now and there'

Nike Shoes for Zoe

During a family night out in Serendra last Sunday on my husband's birthday, something from the Jump Store made us jump! We found this cutesy pair of Nike rubbershoes that were perfect for the little girl. I'm sure Zoe will be so happy to be jumping in this colorful pair! I can't wait to troop outside again this weekend with all of us in our Nike shoes! Cute! Cute! Cute!


Our recent visits to cold and breezy Tagaytay City had me dreaming of buying our own country house with fantastic rustic furniture where we could relax during weekends. I could just imagine spending our Saturday mornings there, sipping coffee and sitting on a nice and comfortable Ottoman or a huge wooden sofa. That would be a great way to spend the weekends, right? It would just be lovely!

Happy Birthday!

We had an impromptu birthday celebration at home last Saturday for my hubby. Our friends and some relatives dropped by the house for a simple salu-salo. Since it was an unscheduled party, we had to make do with what we could prepare in a couple of hours' time ~~~ this means buying take-out food! LOL. First, the cake I got was from ever-reliable Goldilocks. This mocha-flavored cake was yummy (yes, I tasted it even if I was on a sweets ban). We also picked up a tray of peachy-peachy (is this how it's spelled?). My friends deliberately ate this first before the main course (dessert comes first, right?). And among the easiest to buy, we, of course, had pansit (palabok) for long life. We also got inihaw na liempo from Andok's. Yum-yum! There was also crispy pata which was surprisingly crunchy outside and soft inside. From our own kitchen, our Ate Nilda also prepared relyenong bangus (I just forgot to take pictures, sorry!). They also had some beer and hard drinks

Sale at Nuvo City

I literally dragged my husband to HSBC Exclusive Sale at Nuvo City in Libis last Sunday (his birthday). The sale actually started I think last Friday but because of the bad weather, we never got the chance to go there. Anyway, the sale featured several branded stores such as Gap, Banana Republic, Nine West, Prada, Debenhams, Zara, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, among many others. I was on a hunt for some items (with great discounts) for my husband, Zoe and our upcoming baby boy. Right at the beginning, my husband had his eyes on the perfume counter. I think he read this new perfume blog that is why he was so interested in getting a new bottle for perfume. However, the perfume which we tried (I think it was a Hugo Boss) didn't smell good enough for me so we ended up not buying it. I'm sure my husband would have wanted to try out some more perfume brands but the pregnant me had a tendency to get dizzy by the smell of any kind of perfume ~ so tough luck for my husband. (Honey, I

Being with the Kids

A recent article at Mercatornet entitled ‘Mum, Dad, where are you? I need to talk’ by Carolyn Moynihan says that a survey of almost 10,000 students at 96 secondary schools in New Zealand shows that more than half of them want to spend more time with their parents. Some 54 per cent “sometimes” or “hardly ever” get enough time with their mothers and 61 per cent sometimes or hardly ever get enough time with their dads. This is “big stuff”, says Auckland University researcher Simon Denny. “Having a close relationship with a parent is one of the most important predictors of good health and wellbeing for young people.” I totally agree that each parent should find time to be with their children. That is why we always make sure even if my husband and I have to work on weekdays, we still try to spend time to be in touch with our daughter. It's just a pity that sometimes work restricts us from going home as early as we wanted. As a parent, I really hope we can do something about it...and

Benefits of Webhosting

We all know that the newest and best way to get a message through is to put up your own website. Whether you are a selling a product, an event or a service to the public or simply want to journal your daily personal experience for the your family's consumption, then I suggest that do your own research and find out all you need to know about getting a webhost . After doing that, you will then see and understand how important it is to have a dedicated server hosting . In addition to that, you will realize the value of being "inside" the online world if you really want to have an impact and a presence in the market. In my case, as a wife and mother, I am building my own little niche online in order to record my thoughts and write down the important events in my life for my family to see. It also has become an outlet for my personal thoughts and advocacies. With this, I have decided to get my own domain so that I have constant web support. Being a self-declared "non-tec