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Hong Kong October 2011 - Day 3

It's been quite a long follow up post but, nevertheless, I really just want to finish up this travelogue. On our 3rd day in HK, we woke up torn if we will still go to Macau or not. We still have a few more options within the city so we decided to go on our own and just head where our feet will take us. Our hotel was thankfully very accessible to the train so it was just so easy to go around. Largos Hotel - highly recommended. First stop was Northpoint Station to go to St. Jude's Church. It was quite a challenge to go up the street where this church is located but it was worth the walk. My friend M had asked me to go to this church to pray for her intention and so I did. It was great to see a nice church in a not-predominantly Catholic country. :-) And so after saying our prayers and making our wish, we went around the local community to see what we can see. Fortunately, we stumbled into Marble Market. It was so downtown-y - I loved it! We actually got a coupl