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Which Side Are You On?

My hubby and I have been on our toes watching the first two games of the World Series. This year, the championship is between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. While the Phillies are the defending champions, we are still happily rooting for the Yankees. We've come to love this team even with its ups and downs in the last few years. I like them so much that I was so tempted to name our new baby "Derek" (after Derek Jeter) instead of Luigi. Hahaha. The current standing is tied to 1-1. After two games held at the new Yankees Stadium, the whole pack is flying to Philadelphia this weekend for game number 3. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the Yankees will win. Meantime, I'm doing a torrents search for some online baseball games that could keep me entertained while waiting for Saturday night's game.

How things are now...

Hi guys! How are things with you? For me, things have been mostly the same day in, day out. It's made up of constantly breastfeeding Luigi, chasing around Zoe, reading, praying, taking a bath, eating. That's it. I seldom get the chance to go out of the house especially since the car is out of order. Neither do I get "me time" but I feel din that it's not a loss for me (you can just imagine how my hair is now --- totally not presentable!). For many, I don't really seem to get anything much done. But I swear --- I could go on like this forever! I just want to cherish these days with the babies. I know that I won't be able to repeat this experience once I go back to work again. This kind of bonding is so priceless.

Sunny Days

Just a snap shot of the kiddies with our reliable Ate Cat. Mornings are definitely sunnier with them around!

A Glimpse of Ondoy

It's so hard to post pics here lately because of my slow internet connection... So these are the only pics I can come up with at the moment regarding the recent tragedy called ONDOY. The first one is taken infront of our house on Sept. 26, 2009, the day of the flood. The water rose up to 8 feet deep outside in the street. It may not look so deep from here but you see, our house is already more than 7 feet elevated from the street. This second pic is taken almost from the same place/angle, but this time, the water has now subsided and our neighbors are beginning their clean-up efforts. Crazy, huh? Dear Lord, may this never happen again.

Sobrang Busy

Hi! Just wanted to drop a line or two here because I've been missing blogging. I've been so busy kasi with family life that I almost never get to do other things, much less go online. Anyway, this week was so packed. After Ondoy, I literally had 'binat' and was feverish for days. My husband had to rush me to Cardinal Santos one time because my fever just keeps coming back. Anyway, they put me on a round of antibiotics to clear the infection that I seemed to have. And then, amidst this, we still decided to push through with Luigi's baptism last October 10 (with the reception held at home). It was a small and intimate party, both intentionally and unintentionally. Meaning, we only invited half of the number we invited compared to Zoe's baptism but then maybe because of the lack of time to invite and the hangover from Ondoy, only half of the invited were able to come. Anyway, at least nakaraos na. Then come Monday, I had to go to my scheduled annual retreat. It wa

After the Storm

Hi guys! I'm back from the dead. Hahaha. Maybe some of you are already wondering whether we're okay or not since it been well reported in the news that our area has been one of the hardest hit by the storm Ondoy. Well, it's true. Actually, our village is no longer a stranger to flash floods when rains comes. However, this last time was different. I've never seen anything like it - no flood as high as this one. Thank God for parents who constructed a house that is "ridiculously elevated" that we only experienced ankle-deep flood inside the main level of the house. But you see, to put things in perspective, the ankle-deep flood inside our house already translates to about 8 feet-deep water outside which means that a normal person would have to swim through the muddy and dirty water already if he has to evacuate to a safer place. Anyway, with the four days of flood, what suffered the most damage is our car which was left in the garage and which was fully subme