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Looking For...

My husband and I have been looking for the perfect investment these days. We’ve been surfing everywhere and didn’t stop until we found just the right thing for us. And who would have expect that the answer to our long search is right on our… ring finger! Yup. It’s gold that’s what I’m talking about. What could be a more secured investment that having a gold IRA . I researched further and learned all about gold 401K accounts. In times when you cannot exactly know what to expect from the economy, having an investment in 401k gold may be your best bet just yet. We all know that from the stories of our older ones. At least from the anecdotes heard from my grandmother, they always made sure that they keep their gold and other jewelry safe in hard times like during the war. It will be what they will rely on when the times get rough. The same actually still applies up now since gold’s value will always go up no matter what.

Is Christmas Over?

Christmas will be official over (in the Philippines) tomorrow with the Feast of the Sto. Nino. As far as I'm concerned, it went by like a breeze. I was so busy and so sick over the holidays to even stop and really feel "Christmas". But eventhough this was so, I am so grateful for the feast of the birth of Christ. It all reminded us that we owe our life to the one who created, saved and who continue to guide us. And so, with the end of the Yuletide season, we're going to pack all our Christmas things tomorrow and try to get on with life loving our Lord a little bit more each day.

One Thing I'll Really Miss

Shrimps. Love to eat them before but now got an allergic reaction to them starting 2010. I don't know what's with my system that made me become allergic to them oh so suddenly. We were having dinner in Dampa one time, eating shrimps and other seafoods, when I felt so itchy that it almost made me sick. Now, every time I eat shrimps, that same allergic reaction comes back. Just staring at this picture makes me itch (soooo sad). I'll miss you shrimp (sigh).

Got a Nurse

We recently got a part-time nurse in our company and it’s really a good thing for our employees. He came in with the health-company representatives who were clad in medical uniforms and was introduced to us last week/ We immediately got down into business and listed down all the needs of a typical company nurse. Intrigued by his uniform which were similar to doctors scrubs , I asked him where he gets his nursing uniforms and supplies . And so I learned that there is an online site where you can purchase wholesale scrubs which were nice but reasonably-priced. Anyway, it was sad to note that this particular nurse will only be temporarily-assigned to us up to the second week of January. Another nurse will be taking his place after that period. At any rate, I already had my blood pressure taken courtesy of this nurse. Hahaha.

The Year That Was...

We already left 2010 and crossed over to a new year 2011. I really wanted to do a comprehensive summary of the things that happened in 2010 but somehow, that would entail some quiet moment to remember and recollect the events that transpired in the year. Now if you would allow me (of course, you have no choice, hehe), let me just recall a few memorable things that were eventful this year. We all had a very good year in general but here are some of the worthwhile things mentioning. Zoe: 1. She started going to regular school this year and it helped her learn new things and skills more than ten times over compared to last year. 2. She, has more than ever, really manifested this year her love for singing. Now if only I could help her improve on her EQ so she can also have the patience to learn to play an instrument this 2011. 3. She has discovered the amazing things that can be done with the laptop and the cellphone and insists we buy her a touch-screen phone. Hahaha. 4. She has decla

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's already 2011 on this side of the world (big grin)! Thank you Lord for giving us so many blessings this past year. Please continue to guide us in the many years to come. Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!