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No Blogging on Lenten Triduum

Tomorrow will be the start of the Lenten Triduum and as a form of sacrifice, I'll be resting from blogging in the next few days. I hope all of us Catholics will have a prayerful and meaningful Lent. Meantime, as a pabaon, I am leaving you with this very recent picture of my kids... Until then, advance HAPPY EASTER to all!

Luigi's first time to eat solids

...what a very decriptive title. LOL. After delaying doing this for 2 weeks (he got sick with stomach flu on his 6th month birthday like the rest of the family), we finally got a go signal to start with solids last week (March 21). I know that the common trend now is to go organic and natural. I have been doing that now too. However, for this first time, we just gave him the ever-trusted Cerelac. He liked it a lot. During this big event for baby, we also had to manage a minor issue with the big sis. She cried and cried while we fed the baby and didn't want Luigi to eat because she said "he had no teeth yet". :-) Anyway, I think Luigi was born with a big appetite. He was a natural. He giggled and kicked his legs (as if with joy) after his first taste of solid food. Now, I have already given him squash, avocado and mashed boiled potatoes. Yum-yum!

Need to Smile?

QUESTION: Who is the cutest? Hmmm...intriguing question. ••••••Here is THE ANSWER ! ☺☺☺☺☺

It's Definitely Summer!

...and the kids are really enjoying it!!!

Luigi at 6 months

After a long bout with stomach flu in the family, I am now able to post some updates on this blog. Our Luigi was sick on his 6th month anniversary. He had suffered from a gastro problem (like Zoe, Hunny and myself) and was taken for a check up with the pedia that same day. Thankfully, he didn't lose his appetite so the doctor only gave him and Zoe some mild medicine to be taken for 5 straight days. Looking like an angel here with his favorite stuff toy "Moose": In this next picture, don't you think he looks like a little "bad boy"? His birthday cake c/o Goldilocks: Happy birthday baby boy! We're halfway through the 1 year old mark!

Squid Fries

My friend told me about one of their company's products which is already available in your nearby Robinson's supermarkets. It's 100% local squid fries ! We cooked a pack last weekend, made our own dipping sauce and it was such definitely a delightful treat. :-) *pic from website of DCIEi.

Sad News

I was just listening to the news this morning and heard about the death of Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil. Michael, who is only 18 years old, jumped to his death from his apartment building on February 26, 2010. He was said to have been in severe depression in recent years and has reportedly undergone rehab for undisclosed reasons. Hearing about that piece of news is certainly not the best combination to my morning coffee. It's certainly hard when people in the family have an addiction and need this kind of help. What is really the best is to find a center which can refer you to the best places where your loved one can be treated for whatever addiction he or she is going through. If you live in Winsconsin, you can actually try calling a toll-free number for a referral to a good Wisconsin Drug Rehab . Other than that, you can also fill out an online form and you will be given apt advice on the available Wisconsin Drug Rehabilitation center which you can contact. Drug Rehab

Our Valentine's Date

Our Valentine's was spent on a date with my uncle and aunt who are visiting from the States. My aunt said she wanted to do something cultural before she returned to the US so we bought tickets to see the Philippine Madrigal Singers at the Meralco Theatre last February 13. I personally was so happy since I love The Madz! What's more it is that we were seated at the 3rd row which means we got to see the concert in its meaty goodness. My relatives loved their kundiman medley which, I think, brought back memories of their younger days here in the Philippines. I, on the other hand, loved all of the songs in the second half which were a mix of popular local and foreign (and more updated) songs. For a great and enjoyable Valentine's, seeing the Madz would always be on top of my list.