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From Low to High

Just went for another ultrasound yesterday to check fetal biometry and the position of my placental. We were praying hard that the baby is still doing great and for my placenta to go up. And so after minutes of checking, the Lord has indeed answered our prayers. The baby is very active and he is now in cephalic position (Zoe before was insistently in breech position). My amniotic fluid (which was also my problem the last time) is still at the normal level too. As for my placenta, it has gone up and is now considered high lying instead of low lying as it was a couple of weeks ago. Praise be to God! ...And He even gave a bonus --- I think we could now try to have a VBAC this time around. Exciting!!! I'm a happy mommy!!!

5 weeks to go...

Only 5 weeks to go before I pop! We finally settled on September 01 for my delivery date. I already got my admitting slip from the doctor last Saturday and we have already reserved the DL in Cardinal Santos at 7:30 in the morning. Though I still need to have another ultrasound this Wednesday to check my placenta, all is set for the BIG DAY. Now, all I need to do is to appear. LOL.

Another Sale

I just received a text from Gingersnaps Glorietta 3 (inside Kidz Station I think) that they will be again having another sale starting July 24. Hmm...I hope they'll have lots of nice (and discounted) stuff for Ate Zoe and baby boy. (*grin*)

Nap Mat and Other Baby Stuff - I Want!

I have been preparing my hospital bag to be brought when I deliver next month. Honestly, I feel so lazy to pack just yet. What I've prepared are mostly what the baby would need on his first three to four days. I already got a set of newborn onesies with matching mittens and cap, several white tie-side shirts and shorts, a couple of receiving blankets, a burp pad, some towels, alcohol, massage oil, and some cute booties. I'm also thinking that maybe I would need a nap mat in case we decide to let Zoe go the hospital on the day we bring the baby home (anyone who want to buy this for me?). I'm sure she will still need to take her regular nap while we process the bills and the bringing home of the baby. Something like this picture below would be perfect for Zoe. It's so comfy and classy, don't you think? Anyway, as for myself, I have neither towel wrap or laundry bag just yet. I still need to pack my clothes and toiletries bag. The robe and preggy binder which I u

Choosing a Nice Birthing Date

Since I am already 100% sure to have a repeat CS operation for this second baby, I have been fancying on a good birthing date. The doctor gave me between 08-19-09 to a week before my due date which is on 09-09-09. Initially, I really wanted to give birth on 09-05-09 since this is the weekend closest to my EDD (09-09-09 >> Zoe's birthday!). But after reading on the possible complications that may come up with a low-lying placenta, I am literally forced to advance my CS schedule to August or up to September 05 the latest. Anyway, here are my options: 08-22-09 (Sat) - Queenship of the Mary (Catholic feast) - I'm nearly 38 weeks by that time so I guess it's already safe for the baby. 08-23-09 (Sun) - Our original bf/gf anniv. date (I just don't know if the doc will charge higher for a Sunday operation) 09-01-09 (Tue) - Wala lang, my hubby thought that 919 would be a good plate number. Hehehe. Too bad, our car is color-coding every Tuesdays. 09-05-09 (Thurs) - F

Eyeglasses for Zoe?

As in my old posts, I have been showing pictures of Zoe wearing her glasses (sunglasses at that). She just loves to wear those! In particular, she always remembers to wear them every time she sees my husband wear his sunglasses (with grade) when we go out. You see, both my husband and I wear prescription eyeglasses in order to function well. Naturally, I also have been fancying how it would be like if Zoe would be wearing eyeglasses too (to match Mommy and Daddy's looks). She would probably look so cute on these: And guess what? I learned that there are $ 8 Rx eyeglasses available online since I saw Zenni Optical on TV!!! What's more, an article entitled " High Five to Zenni Optical " tells so much about how cheap and easy you can get prescription eyeglasses for anyone in your family: father, mother, kids. Sounds like a great deal for eyeglass-users like us!

Sample Birth Announcements

With only a few weeks to go before baby number 2 comes along, I've started to look for birth announcement sample designs over the net which I can easily "copy" with the help of Photoshop. Here are some of the cute stuff I saw: So cute, right? I'm actually reviewing the shortcuts in Photoshop now so I can immediately give a go on a prepared design and be able to broadcast my baby's coming as soon as I am able enough after I give birth.

The Week that was...

The work week is almost over and I can't believe it! It was a particularly draining week for me with lots of things to do at work and at home. I had my share of personal struggles (cravings, aches, pressures, stress, moods, not to mention losing my pr, huhuhu) this week but what else can I do? Anyhow, thank God it's FRIDAY! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!!! Hugs!