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Still Here...

...and still preggy. Sorry to have been sort of neglecting this little space of mine in the net. I've been so busy with so many things: getting ready to go on leave (turn-overs are so much pressure), preparing the house and the baby stuff, and most importantly, getting ready to give birth. This pregnancy has had its many twists and turns and I don't think it will end until THE DAY. Just went to the doc yesterday (I'm now at full-term at 37 weeks) but my cervix is as it is: VERY CLOSED (sigh). Plus, my amniotic fluid is becoming less and less just like my first pregnancy. And so, we continue to pray for a safe delivery (however it will be) and a healthy and happy baby. Pls. pray with us!!!! Thanks!

A Mini Reunion

My cousins and I had a short get-together last Friday night to bid Jay Anne, Mike and Basty farewell as they were leaving for the States to stay there for good. It was so much fun chatting and eating with them. For sure, without Jay Anne's family during our usual family holiday celebrations, there will be sort of a hole in our hearts. They will be sorely missed! Here are some pictures: Getting bigger and bigger by the day... Basty with my cousin Jojie: Zoe with Aila: To Jay - hope you come home to Manila once in a while! We will miss you and everyone else!

An Ode to Kikay

Kikay, a Maltese and Japanese Spitz combi and our pet dog since 2004, suddenly passed away today. Actually, she is Francis' pet. And since Francis was suddenly sent back to the province to continue his studies there a few weeks ago, it may be that his dog felt the emptiness with his amo's sudden departure and died. Overall, Kikay was an amazing pet. She would bark to protect us (and protect us she did many times!). She was loyal, fun and beautiful. She always put a smile on our faces as she would pounce around us when we arrive from work. Memories of Francis a.k.a Kiko (circa 2005) with his dog Kikay: We will all miss you Kikay (most especially for Kiko). We love you! Rest in peace, Kikay. You will always be remembered.

It Never Fails...

...that whenever Zoe sees someone wearing anything with SPONGEBOB on it (whether big or small, be it on a shirt, bag or even on a shoe), she couldn't resist screaming --- "SPONGEBOB!!! SPONGEBOB!!!" As the parent, I sometimes feel guilty how I let her be so ecstatic over a cartoon character. *-* P.S. And do you know how she would answer when asked the name of her teacher in Kindermusik? She'd say "Teacher Jeannie Neutron!!!" Gosh!

Back to School

I almost forgot to blog about Zoe's classes at Kindermusik (Our Time - Wiggles and Giggles) at Teacher Jeannie and Company. On the first day of classes, I unfortunately left the camera in the car so didn't have pictures to show (tsk, tsk). And so, for the second class held last Saturday, I made sure that I was armed with a cam to capture her moments in schoool. Obviously, Zoe is having a blast in school. Here she is holding her Zig-Zag, practicing her "Wishy, washy, wishy, washy, wee!!!!" Zoe carrying her Wiggles and Giggles bag: We were one of the early birds to arrive in school so Zoe had time to play around the area: Here she is smiling at the camera for Mommy: Zoe getting her star stamps from T. Jeannie: Looking forward to the classes until October!