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Our Team-building Activity

We had a team-building activity last April 17. It was my first time to have something like this in my 13 years of working with the company. And although I had already had a "secret" plan cooking up (more on that next time), it was, I think, worthwhile experiencing. Anyway, here are some of our pictures. Our current feelings: Jumbled-up letters activity: Lunch-break: Group pic: (Sigh) ~ I'll miss OAGC.


With these recent hard times, it's always good to save. With every bit of earnings that one receives, a portion of it should always go to savings and investments. And what other better investment there is, where there is no loss nor depreciation, but in precious metals a.k.a. gold and silver. With the markets very unpredictable when even the biggest companies have a possibility of crashing, wise individuals buy silver bullion as investments to avoid the effects of the volatile market. Rather that put all their money in just one basket, it is always good to diversify. And one of the oldest and safest form and method of investment is in investing in gold. Our forefathers have done it and we should definitely learn from them.

Looking Forward to...

:-) :-) :-)

Happy Birthday Pope!

My prayers and sacrifices are offered up especially for you today. Happy Birthday to you, our dear Roman Pontiff !

Lunch Buffet at Paul Calvin's Deli

To celebrate the receipt of our annual performance bonus, a friend and I decided to treat some co-workers to lunch by taking them to Paul Calvin's Deli located at Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City. It was my first time to eat here so I was quite excited. Here is the buffet set-up. The salad is refreshing. And the pasta is cooked on the spot which makes it better. That time, you can get either carbonara or pomodoro. I'm not sure if these are the only choices every single day. There's just one thing I didn't like. I saw a small roach running around the table where they laid the plates and bowls. I cringed a little at the sight. Well, who wouldn't? (I hope they can take care of that soon.)

I am a LION! RRRrrrrrrrroar!!!

Zoe's final project for Kindermusik before they end the semester is to bring a home-made animal mask. Tough. Tough. Tough. So I asked the little girl what animal she wanted to be and, without batting an eyelash, she said she wanted to be a LION! :-) I immediately (read: hurriedly) worked on our lion project the morning before the class. This is how it turned out. During show and tell time, Zoe got so so excited to come out of hiding and act the part. She said "Grrr!!! Rrrroar! I'm a lion!" ...I'm a proud mama. :-) See the reflection of her lion face in the mirror behind her. Happy. Happy. Happy.