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Bad Blogger.

That's me. And add the word "lazy" na rin. Hehehe. I just realized that I haven't updated this site for a couple of weeks already. I've been mighty busy plus I've been feeling like a wreck for the past few days. I promise to be a "good blogger" soon with more interesting updates. But that's until I start feeling better about myself. And I wish that happens soonest. P.S. My updates are mostly written here .

Mad(z) About Love

Yes, we're going! Madz About Love February 13, 2009 7:30 p.m. Meralco Theatre For the benefit of KALFI and Project Brave Kids.

Twinkle, Twinkle

After our boat project in school, the next show-and-tell activity that Zoe had in Kindermusik was to make a pair of home-made binoculars. Well, I thought that since they are in the topic of music, movement and stars, it's apt for her binocular's theme to be STARS. So this is how our binoculars turned out: I used two tissue paper rolls, black gift wrap, glitter glue (from NBS), a red and gold ribbon and then some puffed star stickers which I got from Greenhills. She loved it and I'm so glad.

Relatives from Abroad

My uncle and aunt were on their way out when I asked them for a quick pose together with the kids. They were going home to the province that day while we, on the other hand, had to accompany Zoe to school that afternoon (look at Zoe holding her boat) and also go find some car accessories to replace the ones which got destroyed during the flood. Anyway, this is my Tita Tita holding Luigi and my Tito Jerry sitting beside Zoe. Smile!!! A closer look at Luigi and Auntie Tita...(oh boy, what a big head you've got Luigi!) A solo picture of Zoe with her Kindermusik project: Anyway, I took the afternoon off the other day in order to accompany them to go to Greenhills to check out the bargains. We were all so eager to go and get the best buys available there. I even took the taxi from the office just to get home as early as I could. However, we all got there only to find out that the tiangge shops were closed that day and will only resume on Friday. Tough luck! And so, we might j

Wedding Gift

As part of our gift to our newly-wedded friends, M & C, I had this photo personalized through a site on the internet, had it developed at a photo store in Greenbelt and then placed it in a nice wooden black frame which I got from a frame distributor that incidentally had a booth at the Glorietta activity center last Friday. Let me just say that I'm beginning to like personalized gifts!

M & C's Wedding

We had just attended the wedding of my good friend C last Saturday. It was a very simple but nice wedding. We helped C out during the preparations since she only just came back from London, where she is currently based. The ceremony was held in a nearby church, just around 10 minutes away from our house. It was a small church. The priest who ministered to them was a new and young priest so the wedding was not so tensed. They had no big entourage. It was only the parents and C's sister (and her boyfriend) who stood as the entourage. The small reception was held at the adjoined function rooms of Conti's in Greenbelt, Makati. Anyway, apart from a small glitch with the room arrangements, the dinner was good and tasty. I love the fact that as soon as you go out of the restaurant, it was like "back to reality" again for us and for the newly-weds. This is because nobody was really that made-up or dolled up. It was just the couple, their families and some close friends. It

Build Me a Boat!

Zoe had an "assignment" for her Kindermusik class the other week and this was what we came up with~ In fairness, me thinks Zoe's boat is lovely. :-) Zoe just needs to learn how to restrain herself during class so that the teacher wouldn't have to keep on telling her to sit down and wait for her turn. And since she couldn't wait, she ended up in tantrums and we had to miss much of the class because we had to step out as courtesy to the rest of the students. Really, it's sayang since I think my little girl deserves some consolation for bringing a pretty red boat. Anyway, next week, we're bringing home-made binoculars. *-* Ayayay! Wish us luck.