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New Year, New Life, New Baby

It seems that my last blog post title is a premonition of things to come. We're currently 7 weeks along and I am ecstatic to have a third baby born into our humble family. As they say, life is what is happens when you are busy making plans. Though the baby actually came as a surprise for us, it's a great, great surprise and we are uberly delighted no less. Pls. pray for baby and me that we do this right all 9 months of it. I'm currently on bed rest due to some spotting early this week. Hopefully I'll feel a little better and be back to work in no time. There is nothing else that I wish for but to hold a hold a beautiful and healthy bouncing baby in January! Can't wait! By the way, today is my husband's birthday. Let me just give honor to him here by saying that he is the best gift that God has given to me. He is my better-half, my love, my inspiration and my life.