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Linggo ng Wika

Getting ready for the Linggo ng Wika next week. Bought this Filipiniana outfit from a store in Taytay, Rizal. I just need to use starch to "oomph" the butterfly sleeves and we're good to go. :-)

What if I was in Christine Aguilera's shoes?

Actually, what came to my mind when I saw this picture was - What if I also owned a gazzilion shoes like Christina Aguilera, I get pregnant (again) and then never return to my old shoe size (just like what happened to me)????? My feet were 6.5 inches before and now I'm a size 8. Oh well, maybe for Christina Aguilera she can afford to replace all of these damn shoes or at least hire a trainer to be able to return to her old weight and original shoe size. But for me, that's close to being a miracle. Sigh. But then again, maybe owning these beautiful and uber expensive shoes would be reason enough for her. (rationalizing!)