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Yummy Cupcakes

These were the cupcakes which my cousin made for Zoe and Luigi's birthday party. They look so nice and we're honest-to-goodness yummy! Drop me a line if you want to order from her. Anyway, I'll be back with more posts, including my kids' birthday party pictures and suppliers' ratings (if I find the time to finish it!). Hehe.


I have a friend who needs to wear scubs for work daily (she's a nurse by profession, that's why). Anyway, I always fancy her nicely worn scrubs. They're so pretty that it doesn't seem to be scrubs at all. So I asked her one time about where she gets her supply of cute scrubs. She told me that she buys the textile to be used and brings it to her dressmaker for sewing. They are nice but bottomline was, it ends up very expensive. To cut on the cost of her uniform, I suggested to my friend to check out an online scrub store where she can find a wide array of scrubs for men and for women. And oh how her eyes gleamed with joy when she viewed their website. Buying scrubs has never been so easy as before! You can pick the design you like and have it shipped right to your doorstep. How cool is that?


I found this little doll sitting on our side table in the bedroom and I felt a little confused. I asked myself, "What's wrong with this doll?" ...then I realized that it was Ariel (The Little Mermaid) in Snow White's dress. ...I wonder if the Seven Dwarfs will notice. Hehe. Or maybe Snow White decided that she's had enough of Prince Charming and is now frolicking somewhere with Prince Eric together with Ariel's fish friend Flounder? Hahaha. Oh, it's like freaky Friday!

Hoping Against All Hope

If there is one thing these days that’s bugging me, it’s F’s very low grades in school. I feel that he is not making an effort to improve on his studies. After being sent home to the province for a year and enduring the hard life over there, it still doesn’t seem enough for him to learn and change for the better. He still seems to be cutting on some of his classes, still doesn’t ask permission when he goes out of the house, still plays basketball all weekend long, still doesn’t wake up early, still doesn’t do his assignments…etc. etc. My list of “frustrations” goes on and on. Are all teenage boys like that? How I wish that some day, he will soon realize that all the hard work to answer the Math questions in school will result to something good for him in the future. I hope all those Geometry help which I offer him will do a lot of good in training him to be patient, observant and analytical. I hope he realizes that all that Chemistry help which we get is going to be someday good

Party Preps

Most of the stuff above came from my favorite place downtown - Divisoria! And it definitely made our party so "Sesame-Streety" and only for half the price. :-) L-R Sesame Street candy-pull (aka pinata), bargain toys from 168 (consists of good ol' yoyos, bubbles sticks, fans, jackstones, plastic wallets, white boards with characters, mini-rubix cubes, and lots more), kiddie lootbags (only 35 pesos each), lootbag contents (Lays, Oreo, Moo chocolate drink), chocolate candies, candy souvenir for each guest, signature frame (only 150 each), bubble gums!

A Party Brought to You By...

...the letters L-U-I & Z-O-E! And of course, with a little help from the letters D-A-D and M-O-M! Happy Birthday kiddos! We love you Zoe and Luigi! More pics to follow!

Happy 4th Birthday Zoe!

We prepared a school party for Zoe on her birthday. It's her first time to actually celebrate like this. We got Jollibee spaghetti and hamburger for the kids, plus lootbags and balloons. It was so much fun! Here are the pics. Happy birthday Zoe girl! We love you!

Happy 1st Birthday Luigi!

I don't remember anymore if I was able to blog about our past monthly birthday celebrations for Luigi. Anyway, just to recap, we had these cakes for his 10th month: And then we this for his 11th month: And this one is for the FIRST BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday my sweet little Luigi! We're going to have a big party for you on Sunday! I hope the weather cooperates! We love you!