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Hong Kong October 2011 - Day 1

October 20, 2011 My husband and I, together with good friends C and B, hopped on a plane from Manila to HK for a 4D3N vacation. I barely had sleep before the flight because I have to finish many things in the office for I'll be gone for 2 days. So here we are at the Terminal 3, about to board the plane. Our friends C&B on true vacation mode: Our plane opened for boarding just right on time. However, due to some traffic on the runway, we waited for it to take off only a good 10-15 minutes later than expected. So while waiting --- a random picture first: After about almost 2.5 hours of flight, we landed safe and sound: The weather was perfect in HK: All smiles for Mr. and Mrs. P (I do look sleepy here, haha): Right after we passed thru immigration, we immediately changed from money into HKD, bought Octopus cards, our day pass for Ngong Ping cable car and Disneyland c/o China Travel Service (CTS). After that, we immediately headed out to the bus terminal to catch a

Wedding Anniversary - 6th

It's our sixth wedding anniversary and we are at "The Peak". :-) Photo: HK Trip: October 20-23, 2011