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Hong Kong October 2011 - Day 2

After a restful night at Hongkong Disney Hollywood Hotel, we woke up early to pack and leave for the city. We boarded the Disneyland Resortline by 11am so we can be at the hotel at check in time. From the Disneyland Resort line, we took the Sunny Bay train and head to Lai King interchange. From there, we had a few stops and then stepped out Jordan station which was only a few steps away from our hotel. We left our bags in the hotel and proceeded to walk along Nathan. After having lunch in one of the Chinese restos along Nathan Road, we separated from our friends and headed to Central where we planned on spending the rest of the day. First, we passed by this building in Central where we learned we could exchange our money for HKD at a cheaper rate. Boy, this place looked like Greenhills! :-) There were Pinoys everywhere! Bossing is even here! Hahaha. After that, we took a walk to get to the Peak Tram. This finicular is a very old but efficient transport to get to the top o

Hong Kong October 2011 - Day 1

October 20, 2011 My husband and I, together with good friends C and B, hopped on a plane from Manila to HK for a 4D3N vacation. I barely had sleep before the flight because I have to finish many things in the office for I'll be gone for 2 days. So here we are at the Terminal 3, about to board the plane. Our friends C&B on true vacation mode: Our plane opened for boarding just right on time. However, due to some traffic on the runway, we waited for it to take off only a good 10-15 minutes later than expected. So while waiting --- a random picture first: After about almost 2.5 hours of flight, we landed safe and sound: The weather was perfect in HK: All smiles for Mr. and Mrs. P (I do look sleepy here, haha): Right after we passed thru immigration, we immediately changed from money into HKD, bought Octopus cards, our day pass for Ngong Ping cable car and Disneyland c/o China Travel Service (CTS). After that, we immediately headed out to the bus terminal to catch a

Wedding Anniversary - 6th

It's our sixth wedding anniversary and we are at "The Peak". :-) Photo: HK Trip: October 20-23, 2011

Let's Watch This

This movie is due to be shown very soon in Metro Manila. It's official website is found here . Quoting from Wikipedia: "Reconciliation matters" is the main take away message that [Roland] JoffĂ© expects from the viewers. Life, he said, is an opportunity to love: "It's a choice, and in making that decision you become free. You do not become free when you hate. The weird thing is when you really love, you feel it like a breath of freedom, you think ‘Oh my God, I’ve chosen this, and it’s beautiful’.” He emphasized that Christianity is about love and the teaching of St. Josemaria "encourages a spiritual relationship with God in 'very simple things', in cooking a meal, being with one’s family, or even having a fight." JoffĂ© states that this is "a film about what it means to be a saint in this day and age." The title refers to its theme exploring the unknown territories of hatred, guilt, and forgiveness, said the producer Ignacio G. Sanch

2011 Birthday Celebration

Luigi and Zoe turned 2 and 5, respectively last last week. It was a great birthday week! Mommy and Daddy got to go on leave on those days and it was priceless! The kids had a joint birthday celebration that Sunday, September 11. Then on September 13, Zoe had a simple "The Fresh Beat Band" birthday party in school. Will post more pictures and stories about that next time.

A Back Post: Zoe's Moving Up Day

Sorry for the late post... Just want to document here Zoe's 1st Moving Up Day at her school. They were asked to dress up in the 80's theme so we were very excited! I saw this dress from a department store and bought it immediately. It was initially big for Zoe so I had it repaired to fit Zoe perfectly. I also bought for her red Chuck Taylor rubbershoes, a pair of earrings in the shape of long-playing albums plus net gloves to match. The outfit turned out so nice! When we got to the school, they were asked to wear blue togas and a cap. Picture-taking! The program started on time and Zoe enjoyed every minute of it. She received several awards and we were so proud of her. After the recognition rites, they all removed their togas and the girls danced to several 80's songs. Here's the rest of the family giving all their support to the little girl... ...with gifts to match! Congratulations, Zoe!