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Oblena Reunion

Our balikbayan relatives set a date for us to meet some of our Oblena relatives based in the States. We all had a fun time (minus the "nosebleed" haha) eating, talking, picture-taking, etc. etc. For dinner, we served kare-kare, lumpiang shanghai, pancit malabon, crispy pata, pata tim, humba, beef kaldereta, banana crumble, carrot cake, pudding, ice cream, ripe mangoes, bibingka, and lots, lots more! Truly a genuine Filipino dinner!

I'm thinking of Ezy Roller, toys, Chistmas and many other things

With Christmas just recently over, I gathered my kids' new Christmas toys in one big bag while thinking of where to store all these new loots. These were mostly toys given by godparents and thoughtful relatives and friends. For Zoe, her favorite toy now is the twist car that she received from her grandfather (I'll post the pictures after I transfer the files from the cellular phone). It's something like an Ezy Roller but it's made of plastic. She also got some personalized pillowcases from her aunties and a nap mat . Anyway, while carrying away the toys to the play room in the attic, one of the things that crossed my mind is how I, as a parent, can provide an example of the true spirit of Christmas amidst the many and almost unavoidable spirit of "consumerism" that tags itself along with Christmas. By that I don't want to mean we will get rid of the idea of receiving gifts altogether next Christmas. I just want to my kids to be more reflective about Chr

1st Christmas

When Zoe celebrated her 1st Christmas last 2006, we made sure that she had a nice picture taken. This was her picture (taken c/o Great Image): This year, it's Luigi's turn to wear the exact same outfit. We did a shoot for Luigi right before Christmas. We didn't exactly had the chance to bring him to a professional photographer so we made do with the camera of hunny's niece... I love it.

A Back Post...

I almost forgot to post Zoe's pics taken during their Kindermusik Christmas Party. The kids were asked to come in Christmas colors... Obviously, Zoe had so much fun!

Belle de Jour 2010

...for sale! Just like last year , I am selling an extra Belle de Jour power planner. For more details, pls. visit this post on my other blog .