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Mother's Day 2009 (late post)

Mother's Day this year (May 10) was celebrated in Tagaytay. We went there to pick up my sister who had just finished a 3-week annual seminar in Mendez and we had planned on spending with her the second to the last day of her stay in Manila (she lives in Iloilo). And so, being a Sunday, we first went to mass there in the church of Our Lady of Lourdes. After that, we headed straight to Leslie's for early lunch. It was great that we were there early for had we arrived a few minutes later, it would have been so hard for us to get a decent seat. For lunch, we had the usual Bulalo. :-) and a sinugba platter. Here's Zoe and Tita Vel with the view of Taal Volcano. With the singers in Leslie's entertaining us. In fairness, they sing well. We decided to go home after lunch. But before heading down, we just had to pass by for some buko tarts and other goodies. We also went to buy a bunch of flowers for our mom to be brought to the cemetery. At home, we just watched &quo

Our neighbor...

Hubby was telling me that he saw our rich neighbor pull out from somewhere in an area near his office yesterday. He was wondering where this man had come from. Anyway, the looks of this man doesn't exactly spell R-I-C-H. He is very low-profile that it doesn't seem as if he owns more than a couple of residential apartments within our village. And mind you, his apartments are well-maintained and carefully designed. I think all he needs is the help of a company like Real Property Management to grow his business. And you know what? He and his family also own a big trucking business. An engineer-turned business man, he spends his days wearing just sando and shorts. We often find him with grease all over in his arms and legs and drives around using an old jeep. Obviously, he is very hardworking and very hands-on. I'm really hats off to him. He is a big millionaire in reality but with a very big heart.

Subic Adventure 2009

We went to Subic on my birthday. Right after hearing mass in the morning, we made our way there via NLEX and SCTEX. I haven't not been in Subic for the longest time so I was really excited to go. First stop in Subic was lunch at Meat Plus Cafe. Sarap! We ordered beef belly... ...and baby back ribs. Then we headed for Ocean Adventure which was a bit of a drive from Subic's Central Business area. The entrance fee is Php 450 per adult and Php 370 for kids. Good thing we arrived right on time for the High Dive Show at 1:30 p.m. This show is, I think, the newest feature in the Ocean Adventure. All the divers are foreigners and I like the comic side that they showed to add to the entertainment of the guests. Zoe was all eyes and ears during the show. She enjoyed it so much, laughing and jumping, that we heard the people near us say ' Aba, mukhang naiintindihan nung bata !" After the dive show, we went to their Aquarium. It's just a small tour but it's a

On Plumbing Needs and More

What can I say? Part of me really loves going and browsing through home depot stores. I love looking for nice bathroom fixtures and the like. I think this all started when were building our home a few years back. The only problem is, I love the buying part but I really don't know much about the installation and repair part. For that reason, we have always relied on a good plumber for our plumbing needs. And if you live in the Atlanta or San Diego part, you can always contact a good Atlanta Plumber or a San Diego Plumber to aid you and quickly respond to your plumbing needs. With the quality services of a reliable Atlanta Plumbing company, I am sure that your valuable and expensive bathroom facilities and fixtures won't go to waste. It will always be in good condition and will last you a lifetime of service in your home. On top of that, you won't have to lift a finger at all!

Waiting for Prince Charming

Doesn't Zoe look like a little princess in this cute yellow dress? baby looks oh so grown up here I could cry.

A Year Older, A Year Wiser

T'was my birthday yesterday. :-) And every year, I'd like to think that I turn a year older and a year wiser too. I'm not bitter about growing long as I know that I've been a better and more mature person compared to last year. That makes me forget about having that 'me, my, mine' mentality everytime my birthday comes along. So no hard feelings if there are no cakes, no balloons, no parties to speak of. Really, it's just all about thanksgiving. *** Thank you God for all the wonderful blessings for the past years and for the years to come. My life is nothing without you.

What Are We Having?

Well, at least doc says she's 95% sure. :-) Happy, happy, happy!

Preview to our Family Reunion in Tagaytay

We're one big happy family! :-) Story is found here .

Online School for Medical Assistants

One of the great benefits of the internet and the world-wide-web apart is the possibility for distance education. Now you need not go to leave your house, attend school daily and spend so much cash for education. Distance education provides a venue for people who opt to study and gain a certificate in their field of choice and want to do it at their own pace and convenience. If you one of those persons who want to pursue further studies but are bound to stay at home or have limited resources for attending actual classes, then maybe you can learn more about online schools. For example, if you are interested in having a successful career, maybe as a Medical Assistant , that is, without need to leave the four walls of your home, then you can try enrolling yourself at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants . This school offers various training for aspiring medical assistants. As you know, nowadays, Medical Assistants are in demand in the market. Even locally, seeing the numerous heal

First Day High

Last May 2 was Zoe's very first day in summer school in Kindermusik c/o Teacher Jeannie and Company. We woke up early since the classes start at 9:30. However, we still got caught in traffic so we arrived in the school about 10 minutes late. Haha. Late or not, it was obvious that Zoe enjoyed every single minute of it. Here's her picture as we left the house. This is her during their snacktime. She was saying - "Daddy, sarap!" I also caught a picture of her right in the middle of the big balloon... baby's now a big girl... Looking forward to school next time! Too bad, she'll miss agad her class next week because of the wedding we're attending where she'll be a flower girl. Sayang! Anyway...I hope she can just attend a make-up class.