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You know it's time to lose weight...

...when somebody asks you when you're due when in fact, you've already given birth more than two months ago. YIKES That happened to me the other day. I don't know if the person was just absent-minded or was set to ruin my day. At any rate, I forgive her...but I have yet to forgive myself.

Trick or Treat at Kindermusik

For the culminating event for Zoe's Our Time class and also in line with the Halloween celebrations, they were asked to come in their favorite costume. We got Zoe a Little Red Riding Hood outfit from SM and boy did she look so cute on it! :-) Here are some pictures. Little Red Riding Hood Zoe: During class with T. Jeannie: Handing out of the certificates: Goodbye-time: After a couple of Our Time classes, Zoe is now ready to join the Imagine That classes next semester. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

Kidz Kraze Loots

We were one of the early birds to the first day of the Richwell Toy Sale in Libis. Okay sana but the line to the cashier was super duper long...I was so tired to the max! Pero ganun ata talaga ang sacrifice para sa mga gustong makatipid. But I swear, I won't ever fall in line like that ever again. Anyways, here are some of my loots (among other things I bought for my kids). Leapfrog Disney Princess Laptop (Zoe loves it!) Pads for the "milking cow" me. For baby Luigi. For Luigi (again) -- This was a major purchase kaya despite skimping on other stuff, our total cost was super laki pa rin.

Back to Work

"Mommy, hwag ka pasok sa office! Hindi na! Dito ka na lang house." That's what Zoe said to me upon waking up and seeing me already in my black office suit this morning. Hay. Really it breaks my heart to leave them at home while I go very early to work and not return until the evening. I had replied by saying, "Mommy has to go to the office today, Sweetheart". "Sa ___ (says name of my office)? Well, okay. Ako, wowork din dito na lang sa house." (By this she means she will play with her new laptop which I got from the Richwell sale --- found in my next entry). Oh well, that's the life of a working mom. This is the life I choose to live so I better just make the most of it.