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Back to Regular Pro-blogging

Is it just my appetite or is my photography really improving? I gaze into this bowl of strawberry ice cream from Mandarin Paseo Uno and my heart (and stomach) just screams ICE CREAM! Actually, I almost had given up blogging (notice how seldom I post anything now). I'm starting on a new job tomorrow (wish me luck!) and I'm setting myself some high goals which I think may cut the time for extra curricular activities such as blogging. But then again, I love blogging so much that I even changed industries for my career from banking to IT! Haha! Seriously, when I come across a nice item (like this ice cream picture) which I'd like to talk about or just a simple thought I want to share, I still couldn't stop myself from taking up blogging again. Still, my fingers yearn to blog! And just when I thought that I have really given up on the web hosting services I've gotten this year, I come across some piece of web hosting news and I suddenly I go back to blogging and

For my Tatay - Happy Father's Day

To my dear Tatay~ You are the best father (and grandfather) in the world. You (and Nanay) are my inspiration and I take so much pride to say that I am your daughter. You have acted like a father to thousands of other people (your many many students, your teachers, our other relatives) but Ate and I are the only ones who are so lucky to really come from you. We owe you our vocation and the life we are living now. Thank you so much, Tatay. I love you! Your daughter, V. *pics taken during my dad's birthday last May 22.

First Day of School Ever

Zoe had her very first day of regular school this week. She’s three years old and is enrolled as Senior Nursery. Funny, I kept telling myself: one day down, 16 years to go! Hahaha. That's how I really felt. My daughter's no longer a baby ~ she now officially a student and will be in that status for so many years more. And you know what? On that very first day, even while in the car, she kept telling me "bye Mommy!" as if she wanted me to scram, go home, go away, I'm-on-my-own-now, that kind of thing and as I reaction, the more I hugged her and didn't want to let her go. But oh she did very well. She never even looked back as I left her room. Oh, the adventures of being a mother. Truthfully, I couldn't stop being sentimental. Anyway, would you believe that on her very first day and for the rest of the week, she already had to do homework?! Bah! She has books on Math, Reading and Science and the teacher gives them around 1-2 pages of homework each day. Bah

SAHM - Me!

Wee! I am officially a Stay At Home Mom for one week...and it feels really good. After working for 13 long years with the same company, I am finally FREE! (Well, at least for 5 more days.) :-) At any rate, I think Zoe is doing a bit of "lambing" by getting a little sick last night. She and I cuddled together until she fell asleep. Hay, my kids are really my heart. They make me who I am and I love them so much. Wish me luck guys on my next endeavor!

Translation Services

I still remember when I went to France a long time ago. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I love the food they served us and the romantic places we went to. I also kept those lovely little trinkets which I bought as souvenirs. I also still have those little key chains and statues that I got from a religious store in Lourdes and they have been memorable keepsakes of my trip there once upon a time. The only thing I wish I had known about during that time were the available translation services that would be extremely helpful in my trip there. There is also an available service de traduction now that could have helped me in touring along the different places in France. Anyway, there might still be a chance to go back, who knows? And I really hope to go back there again. You see, that time, I was only there for about three days. That's so short a time to really tour the country. But one thing I do know. If I had stayed a bit longer, I may have to get professional trans

Me Likey!

Cara Mia is in fault for the added pounds in my weight this week. In particular, this is the main culprit! Now I'm feeling some kind of heartburn... a yummy kind of heartburn.