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On Demand, In Demand

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter . All opinions are 100% mine. Belated Merry Christmas everyone! How were your holiday celebrations? Well, as far as I'm concerned, Christmas was just wonderful. It's always great to be able to spend it with my family and the people I love. Plus this Christmas is extra special this year with the new addition to our family: baby Luigi. With the gift of the new baby's coming, I just wouldn't ask for anything more. Speaking of gifts, I'm still holding on the decision on what to give my husband for Christmas. I was only able to buy him clothes and a pair of shoes (which I don't think officially qualify as Christmas gifts since the money used literally still came from him). Anyway, I'm thinking of applying either for a DSL connection for him or getting him Charter digital. Problem is, I really don't know much about HD TV. I actually clicked on the web to learn more at and found

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Make your way to Bethlehem, go up to the Child, rock him in your arms, say warm and tender things to him, press him close to your heart... I am not talking childish nonsense, I am speaking of love! And love is shown with deeds. In the intimacy of your soul, you can indeed hug him tight. (The Forge, 345) Have a merry Christmas to you and your whole family!

Rubbing Elbows...

...with the President (and other VIPs). ...that's how our annual office Christmas party has always been. Boring? Well, not really. It's actually kinda enjoy to eat and party with our bosses once a year. :-) (My other less serious party here .)

Same Time Last Year...

About a year ago, it was just all about two pink lines... Now, it's about two BIG eyes...and MORE! :-) I love you baby!

You Must be an Angel!

Does Zoe look like a real angel here? So cute, right? While looking for Free Wordpress themes for my old vinanini wordpress blog (my original blog!), I found this cute thing online. I managed to use one of Zoe's photos and upload it into this angel picture. (Oh, the many enjoyments of blogging and the web!) Speaking of angels, I remember this conversation we had with Zoe a few days ago. Mommy: What would you give to Daddy and Mommy this Christmas, Zoe? Zoe: Magpapakabait na po ako (I'll be a good girl already). Mommy: Why? Hasn't Zoe been good? Zoe: Hindi, si Luigi lang ang mabait. (No, only Luigi has been good). "Paawa" effect pa ha. On the side, I'm giving myself a mental note not to compare the two so as not to bring about sibling rivalry or something to that effect.

In Honor of Today's Feast

The Immaculate Conception of the Escorial c1678 Museo del Prado, Madrid Almighty God, Omnipotent and Infinitely Wise, had to choose his Mother. What would you have done, if you had had to choose yours? I think that you and I would have chosen the mother we have, filling her with all graces. That is what God did: and that is why, after the Blessed Trinity, comes Mary. Theologians have given a rational explanation for her fullness of grace and why she cannot be subject to the devil: it was fitting that it should be so, God could do it, therefore he did it. That is the great proof: the clearest proof that God endowed his Mother with every privilege, from the very first moment. That is how she is: beautiful, and pure, and spotless in soul and body ! (The Forge, 482)

Looks Good on Luigi

In case you're wondering, 98 stands for September 8 (Luigi's birthday). :-)

Part of my Christmas Wish List...

...this one I want to either my sister (as a teaching aid) or Zoe (for future use). Just don't know how I'll have it shipped here. From the website: Music Ace Deluxe™ combines 36 of the highly-engaging music lessons from the award-winning Music Ace and Music Ace 2 products into a single, carefully sequenced product. Designed by music education professionals, Music Ace Deluxe is a comprehensive series of music lessons and games that teach beginning music students of all ages the basics of music theory, rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening, and the keyboard. No previous musical experience or instrument is required. Under the guidance of animated tutor Maestro Max, students are led through a carefully sequenced series of music lessons. Used alone or as a complement to traditional music lessons, this program will challenge, engage and motivate music students and help them succeed by mastering important music concepts and skills. Music Ace Deluxe also includes the creativ

You know it's time to lose weight...

...when somebody asks you when you're due when in fact, you've already given birth more than two months ago. YIKES That happened to me the other day. I don't know if the person was just absent-minded or was set to ruin my day. At any rate, I forgive her...but I have yet to forgive myself.

Trick or Treat at Kindermusik

For the culminating event for Zoe's Our Time class and also in line with the Halloween celebrations, they were asked to come in their favorite costume. We got Zoe a Little Red Riding Hood outfit from SM and boy did she look so cute on it! :-) Here are some pictures. Little Red Riding Hood Zoe: During class with T. Jeannie: Handing out of the certificates: Goodbye-time: After a couple of Our Time classes, Zoe is now ready to join the Imagine That classes next semester. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

Kidz Kraze Loots

We were one of the early birds to the first day of the Richwell Toy Sale in Libis. Okay sana but the line to the cashier was super duper long...I was so tired to the max! Pero ganun ata talaga ang sacrifice para sa mga gustong makatipid. But I swear, I won't ever fall in line like that ever again. Anyways, here are some of my loots (among other things I bought for my kids). Leapfrog Disney Princess Laptop (Zoe loves it!) Pads for the "milking cow" me. For baby Luigi. For Luigi (again) -- This was a major purchase kaya despite skimping on other stuff, our total cost was super laki pa rin.

Back to Work

"Mommy, hwag ka pasok sa office! Hindi na! Dito ka na lang house." That's what Zoe said to me upon waking up and seeing me already in my black office suit this morning. Hay. Really it breaks my heart to leave them at home while I go very early to work and not return until the evening. I had replied by saying, "Mommy has to go to the office today, Sweetheart". "Sa ___ (says name of my office)? Well, okay. Ako, wowork din dito na lang sa house." (By this she means she will play with her new laptop which I got from the Richwell sale --- found in my next entry). Oh well, that's the life of a working mom. This is the life I choose to live so I better just make the most of it.

Which Side Are You On?

My hubby and I have been on our toes watching the first two games of the World Series. This year, the championship is between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. While the Phillies are the defending champions, we are still happily rooting for the Yankees. We've come to love this team even with its ups and downs in the last few years. I like them so much that I was so tempted to name our new baby "Derek" (after Derek Jeter) instead of Luigi. Hahaha. The current standing is tied to 1-1. After two games held at the new Yankees Stadium, the whole pack is flying to Philadelphia this weekend for game number 3. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the Yankees will win. Meantime, I'm doing a torrents search for some online baseball games that could keep me entertained while waiting for Saturday night's game.

How things are now...

Hi guys! How are things with you? For me, things have been mostly the same day in, day out. It's made up of constantly breastfeeding Luigi, chasing around Zoe, reading, praying, taking a bath, eating. That's it. I seldom get the chance to go out of the house especially since the car is out of order. Neither do I get "me time" but I feel din that it's not a loss for me (you can just imagine how my hair is now --- totally not presentable!). For many, I don't really seem to get anything much done. But I swear --- I could go on like this forever! I just want to cherish these days with the babies. I know that I won't be able to repeat this experience once I go back to work again. This kind of bonding is so priceless.

Sunny Days

Just a snap shot of the kiddies with our reliable Ate Cat. Mornings are definitely sunnier with them around!

A Glimpse of Ondoy

It's so hard to post pics here lately because of my slow internet connection... So these are the only pics I can come up with at the moment regarding the recent tragedy called ONDOY. The first one is taken infront of our house on Sept. 26, 2009, the day of the flood. The water rose up to 8 feet deep outside in the street. It may not look so deep from here but you see, our house is already more than 7 feet elevated from the street. This second pic is taken almost from the same place/angle, but this time, the water has now subsided and our neighbors are beginning their clean-up efforts. Crazy, huh? Dear Lord, may this never happen again.

Sobrang Busy

Hi! Just wanted to drop a line or two here because I've been missing blogging. I've been so busy kasi with family life that I almost never get to do other things, much less go online. Anyway, this week was so packed. After Ondoy, I literally had 'binat' and was feverish for days. My husband had to rush me to Cardinal Santos one time because my fever just keeps coming back. Anyway, they put me on a round of antibiotics to clear the infection that I seemed to have. And then, amidst this, we still decided to push through with Luigi's baptism last October 10 (with the reception held at home). It was a small and intimate party, both intentionally and unintentionally. Meaning, we only invited half of the number we invited compared to Zoe's baptism but then maybe because of the lack of time to invite and the hangover from Ondoy, only half of the invited were able to come. Anyway, at least nakaraos na. Then come Monday, I had to go to my scheduled annual retreat. It wa

After the Storm

Hi guys! I'm back from the dead. Hahaha. Maybe some of you are already wondering whether we're okay or not since it been well reported in the news that our area has been one of the hardest hit by the storm Ondoy. Well, it's true. Actually, our village is no longer a stranger to flash floods when rains comes. However, this last time was different. I've never seen anything like it - no flood as high as this one. Thank God for parents who constructed a house that is "ridiculously elevated" that we only experienced ankle-deep flood inside the main level of the house. But you see, to put things in perspective, the ankle-deep flood inside our house already translates to about 8 feet-deep water outside which means that a normal person would have to swim through the muddy and dirty water already if he has to evacuate to a safer place. Anyway, with the four days of flood, what suffered the most damage is our car which was left in the garage and which was fully subme


Hi everyone! Luigi is now more than 2 weeks old and we're both adjusting well so far. His cheeks are getting chubby now and his body is already getting filled up with some fat. I'm proud to be a breastfeeding mom (for the very first time) and happy that the baby is benefittng a lot from it. I wish I could show you more pics but I've got no time for that just now. Life is quite a blur these days, ya know. However, it still feels good even as we practically just let the days pass spent mainly taking care of the baby boy and the "super makulit" Ate. I'll be back with more kwento! Stay dry and safe amidst the stormy weather. P.S. Naku, please pray that the rains would stop na so that the flood wouldn't rise and reach the inside of our car which is parked in the garage!!! Whaaaa!!!!

He's Finally Here!

No words can express our happiness... Welcome our baby boy! Born September 8, 2009 at 7:09 a.m., 5.5lbs via RCS at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, San Juan City.

Prayers on Sept. 8

Hi everyone!!! Just making a quick post now before we leave for the hospital this afternoon. Was at the doctor's clinic this morning and she finally gave me the "sentence". At 39 weeeks and 6 days, she wants me to undergo CS tomorrow, Sept. 08 (Mama Mary's birthday), at 6:30 a.m. It seems that my cervix just won't open and so...I need to be opened up to delivery the baby via caesarean section. Pls. pls. pray for me because I'm honestly so scared of undergoing another operation: the needles, the incisions, the wound, etc. etc. However, I want to be positive and think that this is all a part of my being a mother. I prayed so much for a VBAC but maybe God has other plans for me and baby boy. As long as the baby is healthy and good, I am willing to undergo the pain all for him. Hopefully, I'll do very well. Will try to be up and about as soon as I can. It'll be Zoe's 3rd birthday on Wednesday, Sept. 09. Given that, I'll have to make advance prepa

Still Here...

...and still preggy. Sorry to have been sort of neglecting this little space of mine in the net. I've been so busy with so many things: getting ready to go on leave (turn-overs are so much pressure), preparing the house and the baby stuff, and most importantly, getting ready to give birth. This pregnancy has had its many twists and turns and I don't think it will end until THE DAY. Just went to the doc yesterday (I'm now at full-term at 37 weeks) but my cervix is as it is: VERY CLOSED (sigh). Plus, my amniotic fluid is becoming less and less just like my first pregnancy. And so, we continue to pray for a safe delivery (however it will be) and a healthy and happy baby. Pls. pray with us!!!! Thanks!

A Mini Reunion

My cousins and I had a short get-together last Friday night to bid Jay Anne, Mike and Basty farewell as they were leaving for the States to stay there for good. It was so much fun chatting and eating with them. For sure, without Jay Anne's family during our usual family holiday celebrations, there will be sort of a hole in our hearts. They will be sorely missed! Here are some pictures: Getting bigger and bigger by the day... Basty with my cousin Jojie: Zoe with Aila: To Jay - hope you come home to Manila once in a while! We will miss you and everyone else!

An Ode to Kikay

Kikay, a Maltese and Japanese Spitz combi and our pet dog since 2004, suddenly passed away today. Actually, she is Francis' pet. And since Francis was suddenly sent back to the province to continue his studies there a few weeks ago, it may be that his dog felt the emptiness with his amo's sudden departure and died. Overall, Kikay was an amazing pet. She would bark to protect us (and protect us she did many times!). She was loyal, fun and beautiful. She always put a smile on our faces as she would pounce around us when we arrive from work. Memories of Francis a.k.a Kiko (circa 2005) with his dog Kikay: We will all miss you Kikay (most especially for Kiko). We love you! Rest in peace, Kikay. You will always be remembered.

It Never Fails...

...that whenever Zoe sees someone wearing anything with SPONGEBOB on it (whether big or small, be it on a shirt, bag or even on a shoe), she couldn't resist screaming --- "SPONGEBOB!!! SPONGEBOB!!!" As the parent, I sometimes feel guilty how I let her be so ecstatic over a cartoon character. *-* P.S. And do you know how she would answer when asked the name of her teacher in Kindermusik? She'd say "Teacher Jeannie Neutron!!!" Gosh!

Back to School

I almost forgot to blog about Zoe's classes at Kindermusik (Our Time - Wiggles and Giggles) at Teacher Jeannie and Company. On the first day of classes, I unfortunately left the camera in the car so didn't have pictures to show (tsk, tsk). And so, for the second class held last Saturday, I made sure that I was armed with a cam to capture her moments in schoool. Obviously, Zoe is having a blast in school. Here she is holding her Zig-Zag, practicing her "Wishy, washy, wishy, washy, wee!!!!" Zoe carrying her Wiggles and Giggles bag: We were one of the early birds to arrive in school so Zoe had time to play around the area: Here she is smiling at the camera for Mommy: Zoe getting her star stamps from T. Jeannie: Looking forward to the classes until October!

From Low to High

Just went for another ultrasound yesterday to check fetal biometry and the position of my placental. We were praying hard that the baby is still doing great and for my placenta to go up. And so after minutes of checking, the Lord has indeed answered our prayers. The baby is very active and he is now in cephalic position (Zoe before was insistently in breech position). My amniotic fluid (which was also my problem the last time) is still at the normal level too. As for my placenta, it has gone up and is now considered high lying instead of low lying as it was a couple of weeks ago. Praise be to God! ...And He even gave a bonus --- I think we could now try to have a VBAC this time around. Exciting!!! I'm a happy mommy!!!

5 weeks to go...

Only 5 weeks to go before I pop! We finally settled on September 01 for my delivery date. I already got my admitting slip from the doctor last Saturday and we have already reserved the DL in Cardinal Santos at 7:30 in the morning. Though I still need to have another ultrasound this Wednesday to check my placenta, all is set for the BIG DAY. Now, all I need to do is to appear. LOL.

Another Sale

I just received a text from Gingersnaps Glorietta 3 (inside Kidz Station I think) that they will be again having another sale starting July 24. Hmm...I hope they'll have lots of nice (and discounted) stuff for Ate Zoe and baby boy. (*grin*)

Nap Mat and Other Baby Stuff - I Want!

I have been preparing my hospital bag to be brought when I deliver next month. Honestly, I feel so lazy to pack just yet. What I've prepared are mostly what the baby would need on his first three to four days. I already got a set of newborn onesies with matching mittens and cap, several white tie-side shirts and shorts, a couple of receiving blankets, a burp pad, some towels, alcohol, massage oil, and some cute booties. I'm also thinking that maybe I would need a nap mat in case we decide to let Zoe go the hospital on the day we bring the baby home (anyone who want to buy this for me?). I'm sure she will still need to take her regular nap while we process the bills and the bringing home of the baby. Something like this picture below would be perfect for Zoe. It's so comfy and classy, don't you think? Anyway, as for myself, I have neither towel wrap or laundry bag just yet. I still need to pack my clothes and toiletries bag. The robe and preggy binder which I u

Choosing a Nice Birthing Date

Since I am already 100% sure to have a repeat CS operation for this second baby, I have been fancying on a good birthing date. The doctor gave me between 08-19-09 to a week before my due date which is on 09-09-09. Initially, I really wanted to give birth on 09-05-09 since this is the weekend closest to my EDD (09-09-09 >> Zoe's birthday!). But after reading on the possible complications that may come up with a low-lying placenta, I am literally forced to advance my CS schedule to August or up to September 05 the latest. Anyway, here are my options: 08-22-09 (Sat) - Queenship of the Mary (Catholic feast) - I'm nearly 38 weeks by that time so I guess it's already safe for the baby. 08-23-09 (Sun) - Our original bf/gf anniv. date (I just don't know if the doc will charge higher for a Sunday operation) 09-01-09 (Tue) - Wala lang, my hubby thought that 919 would be a good plate number. Hehehe. Too bad, our car is color-coding every Tuesdays. 09-05-09 (Thurs) - F

Eyeglasses for Zoe?

As in my old posts, I have been showing pictures of Zoe wearing her glasses (sunglasses at that). She just loves to wear those! In particular, she always remembers to wear them every time she sees my husband wear his sunglasses (with grade) when we go out. You see, both my husband and I wear prescription eyeglasses in order to function well. Naturally, I also have been fancying how it would be like if Zoe would be wearing eyeglasses too (to match Mommy and Daddy's looks). She would probably look so cute on these: And guess what? I learned that there are $ 8 Rx eyeglasses available online since I saw Zenni Optical on TV!!! What's more, an article entitled " High Five to Zenni Optical " tells so much about how cheap and easy you can get prescription eyeglasses for anyone in your family: father, mother, kids. Sounds like a great deal for eyeglass-users like us!

Sample Birth Announcements

With only a few weeks to go before baby number 2 comes along, I've started to look for birth announcement sample designs over the net which I can easily "copy" with the help of Photoshop. Here are some of the cute stuff I saw: So cute, right? I'm actually reviewing the shortcuts in Photoshop now so I can immediately give a go on a prepared design and be able to broadcast my baby's coming as soon as I am able enough after I give birth.

The Week that was...

The work week is almost over and I can't believe it! It was a particularly draining week for me with lots of things to do at work and at home. I had my share of personal struggles (cravings, aches, pressures, stress, moods, not to mention losing my pr, huhuhu) this week but what else can I do? Anyhow, thank God it's FRIDAY! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!!! Hugs!

My baby baby boy...

We got Zoe her very own bed yesterday. Actually, it's a hand-me-down from her youngest cousin on my hubby's side (who's already a teenager now). It's a wooden bed with a railing on the side to protect the child from falling off. It's nice and, best of all, it's practically free! My husband picked up the bed from his parent's house yesterday. We pulled it up into our room in the attic, dressed it up with a nice thick foam and decorated its headboard with Zoe's many stuff toys. Zoe was ecstatic about the bed. She called it "her bed" and immediately pretended to sleep, saying "good night" to us even if it was just four in the afternoon. True enough, it was now "her bed" and she actually slept very soundly on it last night... Being Zoe's first time to sleep on her own (at least not in her usual crib), the mommy in me couldn't help but feel a bit sentimental. She really looks and acts like a big girl now and there'

Nike Shoes for Zoe

During a family night out in Serendra last Sunday on my husband's birthday, something from the Jump Store made us jump! We found this cutesy pair of Nike rubbershoes that were perfect for the little girl. I'm sure Zoe will be so happy to be jumping in this colorful pair! I can't wait to troop outside again this weekend with all of us in our Nike shoes! Cute! Cute! Cute!


Our recent visits to cold and breezy Tagaytay City had me dreaming of buying our own country house with fantastic rustic furniture where we could relax during weekends. I could just imagine spending our Saturday mornings there, sipping coffee and sitting on a nice and comfortable Ottoman or a huge wooden sofa. That would be a great way to spend the weekends, right? It would just be lovely!

Happy Birthday!

We had an impromptu birthday celebration at home last Saturday for my hubby. Our friends and some relatives dropped by the house for a simple salu-salo. Since it was an unscheduled party, we had to make do with what we could prepare in a couple of hours' time ~~~ this means buying take-out food! LOL. First, the cake I got was from ever-reliable Goldilocks. This mocha-flavored cake was yummy (yes, I tasted it even if I was on a sweets ban). We also picked up a tray of peachy-peachy (is this how it's spelled?). My friends deliberately ate this first before the main course (dessert comes first, right?). And among the easiest to buy, we, of course, had pansit (palabok) for long life. We also got inihaw na liempo from Andok's. Yum-yum! There was also crispy pata which was surprisingly crunchy outside and soft inside. From our own kitchen, our Ate Nilda also prepared relyenong bangus (I just forgot to take pictures, sorry!). They also had some beer and hard drinks