Happy Birthday!

We had an impromptu birthday celebration at home last Saturday for my hubby. Our friends and some relatives dropped by the house for a simple salu-salo.

Since it was an unscheduled party, we had to make do with what we could prepare in a couple of hours' time ~~~ this means buying take-out food! LOL.

First, the cake I got was from ever-reliable Goldilocks. This mocha-flavored cake was yummy (yes, I tasted it even if I was on a sweets ban).

We also picked up a tray of peachy-peachy (is this how it's spelled?). My friends deliberately ate this first before the main course (dessert comes first, right?).

And among the easiest to buy, we, of course, had pansit (palabok) for long life.

We also got inihaw na liempo from Andok's. Yum-yum!

There was also crispy pata which was surprisingly crunchy outside and soft inside.

From our own kitchen, our Ate Nilda also prepared relyenong bangus (I just forgot to take pictures, sorry!). They also had some beer and hard drinks to cap the night.

It was a super yummy and fun party! Thanks to Gracia, Eumir, Lala, Ruby, Emer, Naths, Ranran, Tito Botch and Tita Betsie for coming!

Happy birthday Dad!


Anonymous said…
cheese peachy peachy and caramel cake... sarapp

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