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Two Days to Go

Howdy everyone! Two days to go before Christmas. Pretty soon the long wait will be over. It'll be the birthday of Jesus and we were speading the good news of the birth that paved the way to the salvation of mankind. Wow, that's quite heavy stuff but really it's the truth. Anyway, I'm online (sickies) now, waiting for some office emails to come in. So while waiting, I'm just browsing through my favorite sites that help me do blogging for money . It's been quite awhile since I dropped by. I've already been reading up on some stuff about boxhead 2 . It's quite interesting. Stumbled upon something about age of war and saw so many things I've missed since I've been 'off-line' for so long. Truly I've missed the goodies in the world-wide-web. I really hope I came come back soon --- with a vengeance. Meantime, advance Merry Christmas everyone! Stay healthy and warm!

Most Recent Family Pic

Here's our most recent family picture taken last December 11, 2010. The kids are growing up pretty fast!

Teacher Zoe

For her school's Community of Helpers Day, we dressed up Zoe into a person with a profession that's close to my family's heart. Taking after her Lolo, Lola and my sister, we decided that the most apt job for Zoe was to be a teacher like them! Clad in a brown dress bought from the mall, with matching eyeglasses and white board, Zoe was all set to be a teacher for a day. Serious Teacher Zoe... Wacky Teacher Zoe!!! When she got to the school, everyone was dressed up in their favorite community helper outfit. Many were bakers and doctors. One was a soldier and a couple were nurses. But Zoe was a teacher and was mightly proud about it! I heard from the yaya that the kids had so much fun acting out the part. One baker even brought cupcakes to feed everybody in class! :-) Anyway, when Teacher Zoe got home, they realized that there was one more person who also wants to become a teacher... See Teacher Luigi! :-) Pwede! :-)

If Only I Could...

Lately, my work-life balance is so beyond me and I'm really getting so tired already. I want to be with my kids now more than ever but I couldn't and that really pains me a lot. They have been sick the past days and I have sort of need to put that fact aside because I have deadlines. What kind of mother I am? I'm a bad mother! In addition to that, I also want my prayertime back coz I feel that someone forcibly stole it from me. And especially now that it's the Christmas season, I want to feel the "Christ" in the season but, somehow, it's not what's happening. If only I could, I'll really want to shift to become a housewife-mom again. Maybe I can just stay as a blogger? But I do have a choice now?